Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Blogger Hop # 19

So come and join in on the fun and the hopping. Make new friends and discover new blogs!!! LETS DO THE HOP!!!! Come and check it out at Crazy For Books 

This Weeks Question is : Do You Judge A Book By Its Cover???

I have to be honest, for the most part it depends on the book. In most cases I do, I think the cover is very important in getting me to read the book. Covers are vital I think to getting readers to read a certain book. So that is why I believe that its so important that the cover portrays the story as much as possible, without giving anything away. Something that is enticing and draws that reader in!!! So for the most part, I do, I don't know if that is bad or anything, but Hell Yes I do!!! 

What is your opinion? 
The Friday Follow is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and its tons of fun to do these two memes and find tons of new friends and great blogs!!!

Here is how it works: 

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Have a Fabulous Weekend ALL!!!!


  1. Hi :) Even when I try not to, if the book uses strong bold colors my mind automatically says that the book must be exciting and I pick it up. Most times it true. Hope you enjoy your weekend!!
    Hope you Hop by my site

  2. Hopping in to say hello. New follower here :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care!

  3. Psst letting in on secret... I'm a total COVER FIEND! An addiction that gets me in trouble but boy those books look amazing on my shelves. Ahhhhhhhhh..

    Saw that it's your 4th month and came by to say CONGRATS! Book blogging is addictive but an amazing feeling to read and converge with like minded people.

    So keep reading and writing those amazing reviews. Have a great weekend!

    PK Reeves
    Aisle B

  4. I'm just stopping by to say hello and wish you a happy Friday. Yeah its finally here! :)I'm an old follower.

    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Just hopping by. Love your blog. I especially like historical romance myself...go to love a man on horse wearing nothing but a kilt and his dirk! Stop by and see me at

  6. Hoppin' by from FF to say hello.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Thanks for hopping by! Yeah, it's hard to not judge a book by it's cover. I mean, who wants to hold an ugly book? When it's a pretty cover I find myself wanting to show it off.
    Have a great weekend!


  9. Hopping by from A Cozy Reader's Corner. I think you've done a great job of making this blog "romantic" it its design. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Hey!

    Thanks so much for stopping in! I like your background. It's very romantic-looking!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. I'm now following you. Happy Friday. I do judge a book by its cover but I also check reviews.
    ~Inspired Kathy
    I Am A Reader, Not a Writer

  12. Hey! I'm hopping by from Follow Friday, and your blog is absolutely wonderful!! I heart it, a follower for sure. ;)

    Happy reading,
    ●▬▬๑۩Tina @ Book Couture۩๑▬▬●

  13. Hopping through. I think it's impossible not to let covers influence you.

  14. Just hopping by to say havea great weekend!




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