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Taking A Break

Sad News everyone!! I will be leaving my blog for a while. Life is getting too crazy for me to devote time to it for a while. I will still be on goodreads daily, so hope to keep in contact with all of you on there. I still plan on reading, I just haven't been able to find enough time to make sure I see to my blog as well. It really saddens me to do this, and I have been debating on what to do. I think eventually I will come back, when things slow down a bit. Too many responsibilities currently, and feel like I am being too stretched so I will have to put this blog on hold. I will still keep it up, so feel free to look over the reviews. I hope to come back when I feel I can devote time to it that it deserves. Thanks to all of you who have shown your support, and friendship.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lusting For Covers (77) Desert Eden

Lusting for Covers is a meme found on TBQ so come and join in on this fun meme!!! 1- Take the graphic (left) to use on your post. Remember to give credit to the original host (TBQ). 2- Choose your own book cover that you've fallen in "lust" with in the past week. It can be new, old, a reprint, or even a book that is not yet out-- it's all up to you! If you find a cover that catches your eye, then showcase it on your blog, and let others see the pretty covers out there. 3- Copy the direct link to your own L4C post into the comment section on my post (when in doubt, use this link and then scroll down to find the post), and allow others to come and see what you picked! (OPTIONAL): 4- Besides posting the picture of the book cover you chose, it's nice to provide the book summary, title, author, or a website link for the book. It's not required, but it can help you readers' to add more books to their own list! A brief "Why I choose this cover" is also appreciated, but not required


Ravishing, emerald-eyed Heather Devereux set sail for France to marry the Comte de Beaulieu, a man she'd never seen. But a band of Arab pirates hijacked the ship bringing the beautiful young Englishwoman as prize to their notorious Ottoman prince. Defiant, innocent Heather found herself the captive of Khalid Beg, a fiercely bold warrior who made her his slave --- and thought he could bend her to his will ...


He was called the "Sultan's Beast" feared by all but this courageous beauty who challenged him as none had ever dared before. She would be his instrument of revenge on the hated Comte de Beaulieu. But Khalid Beg could not give up his English "wildflower". He would give her luxury beyond her wildest dreams, tenderness, passion. Yet even as Heather found heaven in his arms, Khalid knew she would never be his until he gave her the one thing she most ardently desired ...

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WWW Wednesday (11)

Hosted by Should Be Reading. To participate in this feature, you just have answer these three simple questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you'll read next?

What Are You Currently Reading?
What Did You Recently Finish Reading?
What Do You Plan on Reading Next

Monday, August 12, 2013

ARC Book Review-One Lucky Vampire

One Lucky Vampire
Argeneau (19)
Lynsay Sands
Published September 24 2013
384 Pages
Vampire Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-207814-8
Authors Website
Luck be a vampire tonight...

When Nicole Phillips agreed to hire a housekeeper, she pictures someone a little frumpy and almost certainly female. Instead, she gets gorgeous unmistakably male Jake Colson. The man is proving indispensable in the kitchen--and everywhere else. Except Jake might not be a mortal man at all.

...and every night.

Who wouldn't want to be a tall, dark, powerful vampire? Jake, for one. He's barely had time to adjust to his new state before he's roped into a family favor. Still, secretly playing bodyguard to sweet, sexy Nicole is turning out to be the wildest ride of his life. First he'll put a stop to whoever's tageting her. Then he'll prove that this kind of love, and luck, happens only once in a eternity. 
My Review
Lynsay Sands has always been one of my favorite authors to read from when it comes to vampire romances. She was one of the first paranormal authors that made me fall in love with the genre. I was given a copy of One Lucky Vampire in return for a honest review through Edelweiss. I was really excited to be able to read Jake's story. After reading this one though, it made me want to re read the whole series. Even though it's not my favorite one in the series, it was still just as fun and unique.

Jake is still adjusting to his life as a vampire. It feels like just yesterday when he was turned when he was almost killed. Now he still has issues with being a vampire, having hated vampires most of his life. When Marguerite comes to him for his help, he can't say no to her, even though he knows that there must be more than one purpose for her asking for his help. A young woman's life is in danger from her soon to be ex husband, who wants her for her money, and after a few murder attempts, Marguerite is convinced that Nicole's life is in danger. Nicole loved her husband in the beginning, but it became apparent that her husband was just using her for her money. When Marguerite convinces her that she needs a cook/housekeeper so she can focus on her paintings, she reluctantly agrees, but she never expect a hunk of male goodness to arrive on her doorstep. Jake at first isn't going to complain with protect a sweet and beautiful young woman, but when he tries to read her, he finds out that she is his life mate. Now he is in a world of trouble, because that is the last thing he needs. But before he realizes it he finds that Nicole is everything he needs.

I found One Lucky Vampire to be a cute read. It does have the same uniqueness that Sands has with this series. Although what I loved about this, is that Jake is unlike her other heroes in a way. He is very bitter in the beginning about vampires and who he is. The way that this author puts together this story is quite enchanting in a way. I loved the way she puts these two together, and there is quite a good mystery involved as well that added a certain flavor to it. A fun and witty vampire romance that is full of endearing characters, thrilling plot, and enough sensuality to fog your windows!!

My Grade
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In Series 
A Quick Bite
Love bites
Single White Vampire
Tall Dark And Hungry
Bite Me If You Can
The Accidental Vampire
Vampires Are Forever
Vampire Interrupted
The Rogue Hunter
The Immortal Hunter
The Renegade Hunter
Bitten By Cupid
Born To Bite
Hungry For You
The Reluctant Vampire
The Bite Before Christmas
Under A Vampire Moon
The Lady Is A Vamp 

ARC Book Review-Never Deal With Dragons

Never Deal With Dragons
Lorenda Christensen
Carina Press
E Book
Published July 2013
209 Pages
Shape Shifter Romance
ISBN: 1426895860
Author's Website

Consoling a sobbing dragon and serving pig buffets are just part of the job for Myrna Banks. Working for a mediation firm, it's her job to get humans compensated for damages caused by the dragons who now rule. But her "typical" day is interrupted by Trian Chobardan, an old flame who sneaked out of her bed two years ago, taking her heart and a handful of classified documents with him.

Myrna would love to show Trian the door, but he's been sent by North America's reigning dragon lord for help negotiating a truce with a powerful rival to avert war. Myrna agrees to help, even though she'll be stuck with Trian as a partner.

As the two work together, Myrna finds Trian to be surprisingly supportive--and still irresistibly attractive. Though her brain tells her not to forget his betrayal , her body feels differently. When they learn the enemy dragon lord is planning something no one could have imagined. Myrna has to learn who she can trust before she loses not only her heart, but her life. 
My Review
I was recommended Never Deal With Dragons by a friend, and try it out on Netgalley, considering that I think dragon shifters are the sexiest stories to read from. So I was beyond excited when I received this from Carina Press through Netgalley. It started out with a humorous beginning, I couldn't stop laughing, definitely drew me in completely with a nice touch of humor and originality.

The world changed with dragons were revealed to the world, and now live in somewhat of a harmony. Dragons are at the top of the food chain, and so humans can't risk harming the dragons, because of the threat they pose. Myrna has known how to communicate with dragons using what is known as "dragonspeak", and so she is a mediator for mediation firm for dragons and humans. During the middle of a mediation between a upset man and a dragon, a man interrupts, a man who she once lost her heart to but broke her heart and has yet to get over him. Trian is just as sexy and sensual as she remembers, but when he needs her help to mediate with a dragon lord which if successful could save the lives of innocents, she knows she doesn't have a choice. As Trian and Myrna are forced to work together, Myrna can't resist Trian, even though she is still hurt over him betraying her, she can't deny her strong attraction to him, and his tenderness and protective side that only appeals to her. When she finds herself falling in love with him again, she doesn't know if she will let her heart broken again or find the future she has always dreamed of.

Overall I found Never Deal With Dragons a delightful paranormal story that will delight and surprise you when you least expect it. Trian and Myrna were a exciting couple, I loved how they ended up dealing with each other. Trian is sexy and just plain HOT,  and Myrna was a strong willed and endearing character whom makes you fall in love with her from the beginning. I just flew through this story, and before I knew it, it was over, and I can hardly wait for more from this author. This was such a fun paranormal tale of a world where the paranormal comes to life, and a love story that will capture your heart!!

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Its Monday! What Are You Reading? (50)

This is a great weekly meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. We simply post what we finished reading over the the last week, what we plan on reading this week, etc .

Books I Read This Past Week
One Lucky Vampire-Lynsay Sands- Review Coming Soon
Never Deal With Dragons-Review Coming Soon
The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo-Review Here
Bound By Night -Review Here
Skies of Gold-Review Here
Lord of Darkness-Review Here

Currently Reading
What Is Up Next This Week 

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Lusting For Covers (76) Crown of Crystal Flame

Lusting for Covers is a meme found on TBQ so come and join in on this fun meme!!! 1- Take the graphic (left) to use on your post. Remember to give credit to the original host (TBQ). 2- Choose your own book cover that you've fallen in "lust" with in the past week. It can be new, old, a reprint, or even a book that is not yet out-- it's all up to you! If you find a cover that catches your eye, then showcase it on your blog, and let others see the pretty covers out there. 3- Copy the direct link to your own L4C post into the comment section on my post (when in doubt, use this link and then scroll down to find the post), and allow others to come and see what you picked! (OPTIONAL): 4- Besides posting the picture of the book cover you chose, it's nice to provide the book summary, title, author, or a website link for the book. It's not required, but it can help you readers' to add more books to their own list! A brief "Why I choose this cover" is also appreciated, but not required

A Song of Love won her heart.
A Song of Darkness haunted her soul.
A Song in the Dance would seal her fate.
Seers had long foreseen an extraordinary destiny for Ellysetta Baristani. Already she had won the heart of the Fey King--the magnificent Rain, ever her ally, eternally her love. She had saved the offspring of the magical tairen and fought beside her legendary mate against the armies of Eld. But the most powerful--and dangerous--Verse of her Song had yet to be sung. As the final battle draws nigh and evil tightens its grip upon her soul--will Ellysetta secure the world for Light or plunge it into Darkness for all eternity? As she and Rain fight for each other, side by side, will they find a way to complete their truemate bond and defeat the evil High Mage of Eld before it's too late, or must they make the ultimate sacrifice to save their world?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

ARC Book Review-The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo
Love At Stake (14)
Kerrelyn Sparks
Avon Books
E Book
Published August 27 2013
384 Pages
Vampire Paranormal Romance
ISBN  978-0-06-210773-2
Authors Website
He's Out of Control

Dougal Kincaid has something to prove. After being injured in a battle with the Malcontents, he's ready for active duty protecting unsuspecting mortals from these villainous vampires who want to rule the world. But first he has to get control of himself . . . because just the sight of a certain lovely doctor has his injured hand doing some peculiar things, not to mention the sizzling sensation that burns along his dragon tattoo.

Vampires? Vampires?! As a scientist, Leah is having trouble believing that these immortal creatures exist. But there they are, standing in front of her, asking for help in solving a genetic puzzle that can save mankind. There's even one in a sexy kilt! Just one look into Dougal's gorgeous green eyes sets her pulse racing. But can she trust him—and the overwhelming desire that refuses to be ignored?
For any of you, who have yet to read from Kerrelyn Sparks, you are missing out on some genuine talent. Her focus is the paranormal, but she has written a few historical's as well. Ever since I discovered her a couple years ago, I have been entranced by her stories. As far as vampire romances go, Sparks is one of my favorites to read from.  The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, is the fourteenth installment, and what a ride it was to read.

In desperate need to bring a change in the battle between the good vampires and the "Malcontents", they search for a scientist who specializes in genetics, and find just the right one, only they have to convince her to accept vampires for real and to help them. Dougal is shocked when first seeing Leah. She reminds him of a long lost love he has never forgotten. Having recently lost his hand in a battle against the malcontents, it has taken some time to adjust to a mechanical hand. Now all he wants is Leah in his arms and in his life. Leah can barely believe that vampires really do exist. They seem more of myths and legends than reality. But she can't resist their plea for help or the intensity in Dougal's eyes or his Scottish brogue that leaps fire in her veins. In the beginning all she wants is distance between herself and the handsome Scot, however he is more tenacious than a dog with a bone, and she can't resist the temptation of sensation that is promised in his arms. All Dougal wants to do is protect Leah from harm, but when the tension with "Master Han" builds and they are forced to take extreme measures, he doesn't know if their power united will be enough to stop the evil that could destroy them all. 

I found that The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo, was a sensational read. I would bump this to my top favorites of the series. Sparks hasn't lost her touch in any way, if anything, I felt like it has only gotten better. There was such creativity in this story, very original in the sense that it was a bit different and involved certain aspects that makes for a intense ride. I will warn you to have a box of tissues with you while reading this, since I couldn't stop tearing up, especially toward the second half of the story. Very well written in the way of the emotional reactions it brings out in the reader. A Wild ride of adventure, sensuality and a paranormal flair that only adds a certain sense of intensity to the story, but still has the witty aspect to the story that will bring giggles and laughs. A TREASURE!!

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In Series 
 How To Marry A Millionaire Vampire
Vamps and the City
Sugarplums and Scandal
A Very Vampy Christmas
Be Still My Vampire Heart
The Undead Next Door
All I Want For Christmas Is a Vampire
Secret Life Of A Vampire
Forbidden Nights With A Vampire
The Vampire And The Virgin
Eat Prey Love
Vampire Mine
Sexiest Vampire Alive
Wanted: Undead or Alive
Vampires Gone Wild 
Wild About You

Friday, August 9, 2013

ARC Book Review-Bound By Night

Bound By Night
MoonBound Clan Vampire (1)
Larissa Ione
E Book
Published September 2013
400 Pages
Vampire Romance
ISBN 978-1-4767-0017-5
Authors Website
The first installment in a sexy new paranormal romance series by Larissa Ione, author of the bestselling Demonica series!

Nicole Martin was only eight years old when the vampire slaves rose up in rebellion and killed her family. Now she devotes her life to finding a vaccine against vampirism, hoping to wipe out her memories—along with every bloodsucker on the planet. But there’s one thing she cannot destroy: her searing, undeniable attraction for the one man she should hate and fear the most . . .

A member of the renegade vampire MoonBound Clan, Riker is haunted by demons of his own. When he recognizes Nicole and remembers how her family enslaved his loved ones, his heart burns for vengeance. But when he kidnaps Nicole and holds her in a secret lair, his mortal enemy becomes his soul obsession, his greatest temptation, and, perhaps, his only salvation—a hot-blooded lover who could heal him with her touch . . . or bury him forever.
My Review
I received a free copy of Bound by Night through Pocket Books and Edelweiss, and was thrilled beyond words. I have been wanting a chance to try this author out. My local library has never had any copies of books written by this author, so I haven't been able to ever try her out, until now. I didn't know how much I would enjoy her, but I have been craving for a stimulating vampire romance, and Bound By Night won me over completely. I loved her writing style, very provocative and in depth that stirs the reader up from the beginning. 

Nicole has always despised vampires, especially a certain vampire that killed a woman she loved dearly, when she was but a little girl. Now she has to live with a illness, that will kill her one day. Riker, is part of the Moonbound Clan, and still aches for his wife that he lost years ago. Now it is up to him to kidnap Nicole, who is a scientist, and hopes to trade her in for a woman her company are holding hostage. When Nicole finds herself being kidnapped against her will with her worst enemy and greatest fear coming to life, she has no idea if they plan on killing her in the end or not. Despite her fears, she is drawn to Riker, who is irresistible and can't resist his powerful aura that only captivates her more. Despite the misunderstandings, and mistrust between each other, an flaring passion builds between them.

Overall I loved every part of Bound By Night. As this is the first of Larissa Ione's books, I was a little apprehensive, hoping I would love this story just as much as I have heard so many good things about her. I knew I just had to give her a chance. Bound By Night is the first in the series, and is part of her most recent series she has just created. There was a bit of a darker side to this story, which can happen with vampire romances from time to time. But what I found interesting is how this author blended it quite harmoniously with the other aspects of the story, so that there was just a hunt of it, and didn't overtake the story. It is a bit richer that what I am normally used to, not much lightheartedness or fun, but I would say that is one of the many things I enjoyed about Bound By Night. It was unique and original and a very moving emotional roller coaster, thoroughly satisfying till the end. Definitely can't wait to get my hands on more books by this author. I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a thrilling paranormal romance!! You are in for a delectable story that will win you over.

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

ARC Book Review-Skies Of Gold

Skies Of Gold
Ether Chronicles (5)
Zoe Archer
Avon Books
E Book
Published August 13 2013
352 Pages
Steampunk Romance
Authors Website
Two Lonely Hearts . . .

Kalindi MacNeil survived the devastating enemy airship attack that obliterated Liverpool, but even her engineering skills can't seem to repair her broken heart. Seeking to put her life back together, Kali retreats to a desolate, deserted island--only to discover she's not alone. Captain Fletcher Adams, an elite man/machine hybrid, a Man O' War, crashed his battle-damaged airship into the island after the destruction of Liverpool, never expecting to survive the wreck. But survive he did.

One Desire . . .

Believing he is nothing but a living weapon, Fletcher is wary of his newfound companion--a pretty, damaged, but determined young woman. Together they are stranded on the island, and it is only a matter of time until desire gets the best of them both. Soon Kali and Fletcher each find that they may be just what the other needed. But a danger from beyond the island puts them to the test. Will it rip them apart or bond their hearts forever?
My Review
I was given the opportunity to read Skies of Gold through Avon and Edelweiss in return for a honest review. When I received this, I was pretty excited. This is the first of this author that I have had a chance to read. Even though its the last in the series, I had no reservation in reading this. When you read the synopsis, it just draws you in and you can hardly wait to get started. Another aspect of this story that is another first is the Steampunk like theme to it.

It starts with Kali heading on her way to live in seclusion on a island for a time. Recently Liverpool, England, has been attacked and bombed, and she barely survived. She still has nightmares of that time, and where she lost a part of herself that she fears she will never get again. She has lost her zest for living. Hoping that living on the island will help. When she first arrives she assumes that she is the only one at the island. After a couple of days she runs into a large and forbidding stranger, who stirs her blood with passion. He is one of the "Man o Wars". They are legendary, and rare, and she has always respected their abilities. Fletcher has served his country for many years, and recently became a Man O' War which is a huge accomplishment, and only the select few are selected. But when he crash lands on the Island, he is more than content to be assumed dead, and live out his life here. When he first meets Kali, he wants to keep his distance, because she makes him feel, and that is the last thing he needs, is a woman to worm her way into his heart. But the forbidden sometimes ends up becoming the greatest endeavor.

I found Skies of Gold passionate and a embodiment of why I love romance. The setting was a bit confusing at times, as this is the first steam punk style, it took me some time to get used to the differences compared to what I normally read. However after a chapter or two, I adjusted fairly well, and was fully enveloped into the story and it swept me away with its intense plot and endearing characters, that you are bound to fall for immediately. Fletcher, is the type of hero, you just want to have at your side forever. Besides beings a gorgeous hunk to stare at, he also has a heart of gold, and even though he has a past and is struggling with his own demons, his faults only made him more endearing at times. Kali, is strong and capable and very creative. She is a genius when it comes to inventions, and even though she suffered a loss in the bombings in Liverpool, she doesn't let it change her life. I love that despite what has happened to her, she still has a strong spirit, and that was one of my favorite things about her. Fletcher and Kali as a couple, they were perfect. He has the brawn and she has the brains, I found they complimented each other quite well. A thrilling tale of excitement, danger and passion, and one no one should miss out on. If you have yet to read this author, go to the bookstore NOW!! You won't regret it. I plan on reading the rest of this series in the near future!! FULLY SATISFYING TILL THE VERY END!

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In The Series 
Skies of Fire
Night Of Fire
Skies of Steel
Nights of Steel

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WWW Wendesday (10) Waiting On Wednesday (76)

Hosted by Should Be Reading. To participate in this feature, you just have answer these three simple questions:
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you'll read next?

What Are You Currently Reading?
What Did You Recently Finish Reading?
What Do You Think You'll Read Next

 Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Breaking the Spine,that spotlights upcoming releases we are eagerly anticipating.This week I’m waiting on,  Coming Out November 2013

From New York Times bestselling author Tracy Anne Warren comes the conclusion of an enchanting trilogy about three princesses brought together by friendship and fate. This is Princess Ariadne’s story...

On the threshold of receiving her royal inheritance and tired of the London Marriage Mart, Ariadne has decided to defy convention and declare her independence. She will not seek a husband—she will take a lover instead, no matter how notorious she may become.

The prince of a small European kingdom, renowned bachelor Rupert Whyte, is in London to enjoy a last bit of freedom before choosing a wife. When he learns about Ariadne’s scheme to take a lover, he decides he must prevent her from embarking on such a ruinous course.

What begins as a well-deserved reprimand quickly spins out of control when Rupert agrees to give Ariadne a few lessons in lust. But just how far will their passion go? And will their forbidden liaison lead them too far astray to turn back?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (10)Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme was created and hosted at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there will post a new Top Ten list that one of the bloggers at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join. All you have to do is link back to The Broke and the Bookish on your own Top Ten Tuesday post AND add your name to the Linky widget so that everyone can check out other bloggers lists! If you don't have a blog, just post your answers as a comment. Have fun with it! It's a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers. So Come and Join in the Fun!! :)

Top Ten Books I Wish Could Have Had Sequels (they were complete stories but you just could have read more and more about these characters or set in that world) 

1. Eden's Promise-Cassie Edwards
Cassie Edwards has quite a bit of series, but pretty much all of those are native american oriented. She has written other single titles that I have just adored but wished they could have been a part of a series.

2. Lair of the Lion-Christine Feehan
Lair of the Lion is one of the few single titles by Christine Feehna. It is a bit of a more gothic style historical romance, but one of my favorites. Even though it ends pretty good, I do wish that Feehan had written a couple more books related to this one.

3. Her Sanctuary -P.Q. Glisson
Her Sanctuary I read a few years back when this author requested a review for it. Out of all the shifter romances, Her Sanctuary was one of my favorites. I have always hoped she would carry this into a series, but so far this is her work. Emotionally driven story that will bring a tear to your eye.

4. Bride Enchanted-Edith Layton
Bride Enchanted is a beautifully written story with a hint of magic mixed in that I fell in love with, and wish I owned. Bride Enchanted isn't part of a series, its a stand a lone, but I always keep hoping that someday Layton will write a book or two that is connected to this one.

5. The Maiden Warrior-Mary Reed McCall
The Maiden Warrior is the first book I read from this author. She hasn't written anything in a few years now, but The Maiden Warrior is a classic historical romance, and its style is one of the main reasons I fell in love with romance novels in the first place.

6. Silver Angel-Johanna Lindsey
Silver Angel is a single title. It has a harem theme to it, but is a top favorite, and definitely in the "Re Read" category. There is a certain sweet side to it.

7. Of Noble Birth-Brenda Novak
This is the only book I have read from this author. As far as I know this is her only historical romance, and well done it was!! I only wish that Novak would write more historicals, or even a connecting book to this one.

8. Where Dreams Begin-Lisa Kleypas
9. Petals on the River-Kathleen Woodiwiss
Petals on the River is one of my favorites of this author. Its a bit longer, but its a sweet and poignant romance set in the colonial period. Definitely always wanted this to have a couple of connecting books to it.

10. Prince Charming-Julie Garwood
Prince Charming is a bit different than some of her other books. But an amazingly written story.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Review-Lord Of Darkness

Lord of Darkness
Maiden Lane (6)
Elizabeth Hoyt
Grand Central Publishing
Mass Market Paperback
Published February 2013
360 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 1455508306
Authors Website
When Strangers In The Night

He lives in the shadows. As the mysterious masked avenger known as the Ghost of St. Giles, Godric St. John's only goal is to protect the innocent of London. Until the night he confronts a fearless young lady pointing a pistol at his head—and realizes she is his wife.

Become Lovers...

Lady Margaret Reading has vowed to kill the Ghost of St. Giles—the man who murdered her one true love. Returning to London, and to the man she hasn't seen since their wedding day, Margaret does not recognize the man behind the mask. Fierce, commanding, and dangerous, the notorious Ghost of St. Giles is everything she feared he would be—and so much more.

Desire Is The Ultimate Danger

When passion flares, these two intimate strangers can't keep from revealing more of themselves than they had ever planned. But when Margaret learns the truth—that the Ghost is her husband—the game is up and the players must surrender...to the temptation that could destroy them both.
My Thoughts

When This first came out, I hesitated in the beginning to read Lord of Darkness. I had heard some positive and a few negative things. In the past I have enjoyed this series, quite a bit. So I was feeling a bit apprehensive but no worries once I got into the story, with no problem. I enjoyed seeing how this story started off though. As the fifth in the Maiden Lane Series, it does continue on with the "Ghost of St Giles", but I liked how it played out in the end and I have to say I can hardly wait for the next in the series.

It starts out when Margaret has decided to come to London to get familiar with her husband, whom she has only had a marriage of convenience with. She wants more than just living in the country side alone, she wants a child, and her plan is to Seduce her husband, she just has no way of going about it. But she has another motive for coming to London, find the man who murdered her love before she married Godric. Godric also once was married before and madly in love with his wife, until she died very slowly from a disease. He now is the "Ghost of St. Giles" which makes him feel more alive than he has ever felt since his wife's death. But when Margaret suddenly appears on his doorstep, rearranging his life, and turning his world Topsy turvy, he doesn't have a clue how to proceed. Godric is determined to keep his life separate from Margaret's, however he starts to feel again, and knows that she is the last person he wants to let go of.

I found Lord of Darkness a breathtakingly and emotional ride of passion and adventure. I have grown to like this Ghost of St. Giles, and its in this book, that we see the true history behind him. Or maybe I just wasn't paying that much attention in the previous book. However I found the story to be intense and at times too much I was at the edge of my seat in tension. I enjoyed seeing Godric and Margaret together. Both have suffered loss and grief, but it was interesting to see how the author put this couple together and made them come alive through the story. There was also such a beautiful sensuality to Lord of Darkness, that won me over from the start. A action packed filled historical romance that will take your breath away!! Guaranteed to make you fall in love. Another fabulous addition to a thrilling series.

My Grade 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In The Series 
Wicked Intentions
Notorious Pleasures
Scandalous Desires
Thief of Shadows
Duke of Midnight (Coming out Oct 2013)


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