Thursday, February 7, 2013

Feature and Follow (26)

The Feature And Follow (Follow Friday) is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and its tons of fun to do this meme and find tons of new friends and great blogs!!! So come and join in this fun meme every friday!!!!

Q. Happy Mardi Gras! If they were throwing the HOTTEST books off of a Mardi Gras float -- what would you do to have them throw to you…?

A: Oh wow!! I have no idea what I would do...I am usually more reserved, but maybe if they were throwing some good ones, I might do some moves, scream loudly, maybe even sing...who knows? there is a realm of possibilities.  



  1. LOL I'm not sure what I'd do either, really. Happy Friday!

    Follow That Penguin

  2. I'm pretty reserved to, but I'd like to think I'd be brave to get my books! :D Old follower! My FFs are at LKHill or Musings on Fantasia. Happy Friday!

  3. I love reading everybody's answers this week! I'm a new linky follower :) Here's my my FF post for this week.

  4. Same here. Not sure how I would react best I could do was plan something to wear.
    New follower!
    Megan @ BooksiView

  5. It depends on the book doesn't it. :> The more you want the book the crazier the things you're gonna do. XD

    New Follower!

    Here's our FF + super fun giveaway of Rachel Hartman's Seraphina!

  6. Oh I like that. Do some moves. Now, singing, I'm not so sure :)

    New Follower!

    Thanks for stopping by My FF



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