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Book Review-Princess In Love

Princess In Love
The Royal Trilogy
Julianne MacLean
St Martins
Published November 2012
339 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-312-55279-4

Leopold Hunt, Marquess of Cavanaugh, is a secret Royalist with a distant hereditary claim to the throne. He has been groomed to one day overthrow the king and rebuild his family’s dynasty. Only one thing stands in his way: the king’s daughter, Rose.

Princess Rose has loved the marquess her entire life, but she is about to enter a political marriage—one that promises to help keep her father in power. There is virtually no way for Rose to escape her fate…yet she cannot resist the unstoppable passion she feels in the arms of the handsome and charming marquess. When a dangerous plot unfolds and puts their love to the ultimate test—Leopold must make a desperate choice: To honor his family or follow his heart.
My Review

Princess Rose has been in love with Leopold Hunt all of her life. But then two years ago he rejected her and hurt her more than she thought possible. Now she is engaged to another man, whom she may not love, but she knows they will make a good match. When her carriage suffers a accident in England, she is shocked when the marquess himself comes to rescue her. Face to face with Leopold has stirred up all of her old feelings that she once thought were buried. Leopold, knows he made a mistake with Rose those years ago, but now is free from his father's manipulations to pursue his true desires....which lie in a future with Rose. Now all he has to do is convince her how sincere he is this time around, and prove to her of his love and his devotion.

The Hero (Leopold Hunt)
Ever since he was a boy, he has known of his destiny, to be the true leader, and the King. His fate has already been written for him. Now with King Randoplh married, his fathers plans for him have changed, and he is now able to pursue a life of his own. All he has ever wanted is to have Princess Rose as his wife and now he has one chance with her if his past doesn't catch up with him and ruin everything

The Heroine (Princess Rose)
Rose, has known loss and heartbreak, but had her family for support. Now she is engaged to be married, although its not one of love, she knows it is her duty. And when things are starting to look up for her, a old love, Leopold, comes back in her life wanting her back. Rose knows she should resist his tender touches and romantic whisperings that make her want to sucuumb to the desire that rises within her. But she will have to make a choice...duty or true love?

My Thoughts
Princess In Love is the second in this trilogy. I found myself really enjoying this one, although I did like Rose, I think I enjoyed Leopold even more. We see such strength from him, and I just love seeing how hard he tries to prove himself to Rose. I found him very endearing at various times. Leopold is a very striking characters, that just makes you want to cheer him on. I think Rose could have been more self aware, she seemed to me to be a bit spineless at times. But I did grow to like her, especially at the end. This story is divided into four parts and I just loved how this story was put together. Even though there were parts that I questioned "Why???" I definitely found it to be a sensual and witty read that keeps the reader engaged. I loved the depth of emotion that is portrayed through to the reader. Again Julianne Maclean delivers a compelling love story that will knock your socks off!!

My Favorite Quote 
Rose smiled up at him with love, and the world seemed to glow in the morning light as Leopold leaned closer and touched his lips to hers.  

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In The Series 
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  1. SOunds like a really sweet story and I love stories about people getting a second chance together. ;)
    I think I'm going to try it, though I can't remember if I read this one before.

  2. I think its one you would enjoy...and I believe it just came out a couple of months if you haven't read it...then you should. I am learning to love this author the more I read her books.

  3. Fab Review. I found your description of the book so much easier to understand. I'd be interested in this one.



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