Monday, May 10, 2010

Book Review-Bride Enchanted

Bride Enchanted
Edith Layton
370 Pages,
Published Sep 2007
Regency/ Paranormal Historical Romance

Too good to be true...
Though Eve Faraday was beautiful and intelligent, she never expected to be wooed by the devastatingly handsome and utterly charming Aubrey Ashford, the most eligible bachelor in all of London. Skeptical of the sudden attention, she tries hard to avoid temptation, but the alluring Aubrey--and his kisses--prove impossible to resist! She accepts his offer of marriage and moves with him to his ancestral home at Fair Isle. But after such a whirlwind courtship and lightning-quick marriage, Eve begins to wonder if she really knows Aubrey at all. There is something mysterious, something magical and primeval about her new husband . . .

Aubrey is not who he appears to be--that much is certain. But his feelings for Eve are true. And only when he reveals his astonishing secret will Eve realize that she and Aubrey might have a chance at a love that will last forever . .

My Review:
Bride Enchanted was surprisingly enchanting, and definitely a book I am glad that I have had the opportunity to read. With Edith Layton sometimes I get drawn into the stories, and there are times where I have a hard time staying with it. Thankfully this was one of those, that I was completely drawn into, and captivated by the characters, and the plot was utterly satisfying. It begins with Eve Faraday, who is a beautiful woman, but has never had many suitors. Eve thinks she is not that enticing, and has doubts of when she will marry; that she might have to settle. Then one evening, the most compelling and gorgeous man she has ever seen asks her to dance twice in one evening. Eve is totally beside herself with shock. She has no idea what Aubrey see's in her. Eve knows there are many more women that he could choose that would be more beautiful and more smart. However, there is a reason why Aubrey chooses Eve, not the least of which is she is not as compelled by him and enthralled as every other person is. Aubrey is a member of a species that has been told in folklore, but is really known as one of the 'older ones'. Aubrey has special powers, and to mos humans, are enthralled by his mere presence. Eve is the only one that see's through it, and keeps logic and sense without being completely enthralled by him. For Aubrey, his race is dying, and he believes if he marries Eve, that she will be able to conceive his children. Aubrey conceals the true reason that he marries her. Once Eve finds out the real truth about Aubrey and his people, will she flee from him or will she decide to stay by his side and love him forever? I won't spoil it for you, but I will say I was definitely pleased by the ending.

I definitely enjoyed reading this book, it definitely drew me in. I have only read a few of Layton's book, and this is the first one that has the Paranormal genre within it. I definitely enjoyed having Aubrey being of another species, and I loved the aspect that he would never use his powers on Eve, unless she asked for it. How even though Eve at first is enthralled by his looks, see's through it with sense, and see's him for who he really is. Its truly a magical story that from beginning to end, is a journey of passion, love and a magic that surpasses time and will capture your heart.

My Grade For This Book:
4 Blossoms


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