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Book Review-Shamara

Shielder (3)
Catherine Spangler
Love Spell,
360 Pages,
Published September 2001
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-505-52452-X

In a universe of darkness and depravity, the Shielders battled to stay one step ahead of the vengeful Controllers. Their survival depended upon the quest of one man.

To Iive
Jarek san Ranul had found evidence of a wormhole, a vortex to another galaxy; escape from those who sought the destruction of his race was at hand. But when his search produced the most intriguing woman he'd ever met, he found he wanted something more than duty and honor.

To Love
On the run from a mighty warlord, Eirene Kane had to protect her identity. She was an Enhancer, one of a genetic few with a powerful gift. Then her flight hurled her into the arms of Jarek, a man who both stole her heart and uncovered her perilous secret--and though she knew she should flee, Eirene found herself yearning for both the man and the one thing he claimed would free them forever.

My Review:

I have to say that Catherine Spangler has done it again for me, this has to be my favorite book in the series so far! Its the third in the Shielder Series. Its definitely one of those where you wish the story could keep going on and on. At the end it left me wanting more, because it was such a well written and genuine story.

You have Jarek San Ranul, whose father has recently died, who was leader of the Shielders. Now Jarek knows he has to find a way to save his people or they will become extinct. The Controllers are going throughout the sector and trying to eliminate every man, woman or child on the colonies. Somehow they are finding the hidden colonies, and Jarek has a plan. His plan is that he knows that there is a hidden passageway to another sector, unknown to anyone else. His plan is to go and find equipment to map the certain area, and he has to find a Enhancer, which is the only way to get through this passageway. Then he finds Eirene out of pure luck of chance. Eirene Kane is a enhancer, and has hidden it from everyone, apart from a older woman that raised her and the only one that really loved her. Her uncle, plans on selling her to a trader for a lot of money, for sexual favors. Eilene knows she has to find a way to escape because that's the last thing she wants for her life. Then some woman traders that we see in the previous book 'Shadower' come to give this colony a shipment. So Eilene sneaks on their ship. She ends up on Elysia, and she plans on working at the 'Pleasure Dome' where she will lose her virginity, so that the plans her uncle has for will fall through. Her first customer is Jarek, who is new at coming to places like this. Eirene is curious about Jarek, for he treats her gently and is shocked to discover that she is a virgin, in a pleasure dome, however before he can ask her about it he is attacked and injured. Knowing the Jarek could die before she could get him proper medical attention, she attempts to heal him enough to stop the bleeding and start the healing process on his wound. At first she is reluctant, because she is afraid of her powers and abilities, since she thinks she has killed the only person that ever loved her. But before she can heal him completely his friends arrive to take him back to their ship where Chase can heal him since he is a medic, a great one at that (His story is Shielder) Jarek wakes up weak but alive, and Chase is shocked to discover that he didn't need to do much since Jarek was already healed by some unknown force. It leaves a mystery, but Jarek starts to remember that it was Eirene. Jarek knows he has to find her, because he has found a enhancer. But that isn't the only reason he want to find her, he knows she needs help and goes about showing her that they need one another. Eirene at first is taken prisoner by Jarek, since she knows she can't tell anyone who she really is. But Jarek keeps insisting that she is a Enhancer and she is too afraid to tell him the truth. Jarek goes about convincing Eirene the importance of his mission, and that hundreds of lives are at stake and that she is the key. They go on a journey of danger, mystery, romance, and love.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and captivating read. I loved reading Jarek's story, and is my favorite so far. I found both characters Jarek and Eirene to be deep and emotional ones. Jarek of course, has a duty to his people and has seen what the controllers have done to them. He knows they will be extinct soon if something doesn't change. Eirene, is a very deep and emotional woman. She has suffered much, she has gifts and powers that she doesn't know how to control. She believes that she has killed her friend and the only one that was a mother to her. But as she gets to know Jarek, and finds some truths about herself and her ancestry she comes to trust him in the end and in herself. The bond between Jarek and Eirene is a powerful one, and a very emotional one at that. I found myself with tears in my eyes more than once, because the story was portrayed so well as was their emotions. I didn't have any problems or anything that I didn't like. Although I found myself wondering why Eirene couldn't trust Jarek more, but when she does it was worth the wait.  It really is at the top of my favorites. At I wont give any spoilers out, but I will say that the ending definitely made me want to a little jig around the room LOL What can I say, I go crazy when I fall in love with a book!!!! This one is no exception! So if you like deep emotional characters, a exciting and thrilling adventure, where danger is there at every turn, and a romance that runs deep and hot (wink) then this one is for you!!! I guarantee you will love it as much as I have

My Grade For This Book
5 Blossoms

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    I am surprised to find how wide and varied romance novels have become. I usually stick with the historical genre, or ones with men wearing kilts. I shall have to be more daring upon occasion.

  2. I've read a couple in this series and enjoyed them, but I don't think I've read this one!!



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