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Book Review-The Mackenzies: Cole

The Mackenzies: Cole
The Mackenzies Series

Ana Leigh
Avon Romance,
375 Pages,
Published December 2002
ISBN: 0-380-82009-9
Western Historical Romance

The last time Cole MacKenzie saw Maggie O'Shea, the daughter of his gold-hunting partner, Pop, she was a scruffy kid with dirt on her cheeks. Now the tomboy is all grown up -- and how! -- and she's Cole's sworn responsibility, since the suspicious passing of his dear old friend. But being Maggie's new legal guardian may be more than the footloose loner can handle -- especially since he's been aching of late to hold her close and tight.

How dare Cole MacKenzie think he can run her life! True, she's had a crush on him since forever, but Maggie won't be treated like a child -- especially not by a powerfully good-looking wanderer who makes her flush with wanting him. Cole says he's not ready to stay put, yet he's not going anywhere until he's satisfied Pop's death was a natural one. But will that leave Maggie enough time to prove to the man how much of a woman she's become?

My Review:
I was walking down the shelves in my library when I came upon Ana Leighs books, and since I haven't read anything of hers in some time, I decided to read Cole once more. I knew I loved her books, but it had been some time since I had. First off I would like to say that the cover is what convinced me to pick this one up and start reading it first. I mean anyone who looks at this cover, can hardly resist reading it, it draws you in, like a bee to honey.
The story begins in San Francisco, in 1898, where Cole MacKenzie is bored with life, and is looking for a change. He then gets a urgent message from his old gold hunting partner, Pop O'Shea. Who sends him a telegram telling him that he needs help immediately, so Cole heads for Lawford, New Mexico. Once he arrives, he is told that Pop has died from breaking his neck in a mine. Cole is then is notified by Pop's lawyer, that he needs to talk to him about something urgent the next day. So Cole heads to his office the next day, and comes face to face with Maggie O Shea, Pop's daughter. Cole remembers her as a young girl, when he went gold digging years ago. Maggie has been in love with Cole ever since she was fifteen years old. Cole has never noticed her except for being a child, and once she see's him again she vows to prove to him that she is a full grown woman. However once she hears that Cole is in charge of her assets, even who she can marry, she is horrified. Maggie wants to be able to control her own future and make her own decisions. So she goes about her way proving to Cole that she is a woman that can make her own choices. But as tempers ensue, so does their passions, and that start fighting both each other and their feelings that grow between them. Cole is starting to realize what a woman Maggie really is, and how much he aches for her touch. Maggie has mixed feelings about Cole, not knowing whether or not she can trust the wanderer with her heart...again.

I found Cole to be a sensual and enticing read, with humor and endearing characters,  Maggie is one of those heroines, that despite her loss from grieving her father, she also has to decide what she truly wants in life. Cole enters her life, and she becomes even more confused day by day. Maggie has been in love with Cole ever since she has known him, when she first met him was in Alaska where they went on adventure after adventure. Now her father is gone, and all she and Cole seems to do is end up doing is fighting or kissing. Maggie doesn't know if Cole will be wanting to stop his wandering lust or end up staying with her. She has just a hope that he will fall in love with her. Cole is also just as confused, he finds himself wanting to stay in New Mexico with Maggie, he never knew such contentment and passion in his life. At first he just aches for her body, but he ends up aching for so much more. He finds himself falling in love with her, and having no clue what to do. Its a pretty amusing yet sensual story, I found myself either getting a breath of fresh air from the heated room, or laughing my head off from the way this couple interacts. It is a very stimulating story in every way, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it again. There were a couple of minor thing that I had a hard time with while reading. Some of the arguments between Maggie and Cole seemed more like fights between six year old's instead of two adults. That was probably my biggest concern for this book, but other than that I definitely though it was a genuinely well written story.   Even though its been a couple of years since I have read Cole and Maggie's story, I definitely was satisfied at the end and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.  

My Grade For This Book
4 Blossoms

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