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Book Review-Lord Of The Keep

Lord Of The Keep
Medieval Trilogy (1)
Ann Lawrence
Love Spell
Published Dec 1999
395 Pages
Medieval Historical Romance
ISBN 0-505-52351-5
Lord of The Keep tells the tale of lovers who must overcome both class and age differences. Gilles d Argent is the 40-year-old lord of the manor. Emma is the young weaver he loves. Unfortunately, Emma was seduced some two years earlier by the castle Lothario, William Belfour, a young man in his early twenties.

Gilles first has to deal with the barrier of their social positions as well as his jealousy and insecurity over the much-younger man s seduction of Emma. Emma, on the other hand, is hampered by the differences in their respective stations as well as by vows she exchanged with William when he bedded her, vows and a child he does not recognize.

Emma wastes a lot of her energy on guilt, first for becoming William s lover and then for becoming Gilles. Gilles vacillates between fits of jealousy and fears that he is getting old. William is the only character who seems to enjoy himself as a thorough cad.
Emma, once sworn her heart to a man she thought she loved who in return rejected their vows to each other, and their daughter, and now barely survives as a weaver until she meets Lord Gilles, who is the Lord over Hawkwatch Castle. Gilles, a powerful warrior and Lord, has already been married once and raised a son, and starts to think he is getting old, until he meets Emma who brightens his day with her smile, and makes him feel alive again and will do anything to have her in his bed, to show her true passion in his arms, but then he falls in love with her and knows that she is the keeper of his heart forever.....

The Hero (Gilles d'Argent)
Ever since Gilles took over running the Keep, he feels his life is full of tedious and tiring work, and starts to feel his age, now stronger than ever. When he encounters Emma he is speechless with her beauty and innocence, and endeavors to seduce her into his bed, not knowing he would also be heating the ice around his heart....

The Heroine (Emma Aethelwin)
When Emma thought she was in love once, the end result was being betrayed, and the father of her daughter denying them both in the worse ways. Now she does what she can to feed them and keep a meager roof over their heads, until she meets Gilles, and she is brought to his keep as his weaver, and his tender toucher and sensual heated gaze only compells her to his side even when she knows better, and knows it will only end in pain, even though she feels as if he is her world and would do anything to keep him.......

My Thoughts 
 Lord Of The Keep is one of my ultimate favorite books.....I first read this book when I first started reading romances, and I just fell iu love with the story and the characters. It starts out with unfortunate circumstances which in the end turns into a silver lining for both Gillles and Emma. What I truly loved was the connection you see the moment Gilles and Emma meet, and I just loved the verbal interaction between the characters. The emotion portrayed in this story is overpowering and riveting, and made it near impossible to put it down.  The story plot was exciting and had some twists and turns especially toward the end that will keep you on your toes from beginning to end. Ann Lawrence creates a story of adventure and romance that will capture your heart....A KEEPER!!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series 
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  1. I'm glad you still love this book after so much time! I think it's what Dreaming of You is to me! :d It sounds great too! :D



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