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Book Review-Wild About You

Wild About You
Love At Stake (13)
Kerrelyn Sparks
E Book
384 Pages
Published Nov 27 2012
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0062107712

Handsome Howard...
Hunky Howard...
Hot Howard...

It's not every day that Elsa Bjornberg feels delicate, not when she hosts a home renovation show where she can effortlessly demolish a kitchen. But from the moment she meets Howard Barr, this bear of a man makes her feel like a woman. And the way he looks at her, as if she were a pot of honey he'd like to lick...

Howard is not like most men. For one thing, he's a shapeshifter. And he always thought his celebrity crush would never amount to anything more than drooling at Elsa on TV. When his meddling vampire employer gets involved, the star is suddenly within his grasp—and within a hair of her life. For an ancient curse forbids their newfound love, and Howard is suddenly torn between his desire for her and his desire to keep her alive.
When Howard leaves on vacation Shanna Draganesti finds out that sweet, loveable Howard Barr has a secret crush on Elsa Bjornberg, hostess to a home renovation tv show, she decides to put them together and hatches up a plan to help Howard out a little. When Elsa meets Howard for the first time she is astounded by the sparks that fly, but there is something about him that speaks Danger to her, because she is not all who most people think of her. Because her family has been cursed for generations, but there is something about Howard that makes her want to trust him, but doesn't know if she does trust him...will it cost her life in doing so or would she be making the best decision. Elsa knows that if she wants Howard enough she is going to have to fight for him or lose him Forever.......

The Hero (Howard Barr)
Howard, was once banned from his were bear clan because of something that happened in his past. He has had to live a life of solitude and for most of his life he has had to hide who he was from others until he came to work for Angus at McKay Security and he could be who he was meant to and not be afraid of shifting. When the woman of his dreams shows up on his doorstep and the instant he touches her sparks fly and he knows he wants her in hife matter what he has to do to prove to her the kind of man he truly is...

The Heroine (Elsa Bjornberg)
Elsa has always felt awkward around others because of her height, but she never thought in her wildest dreams that her next project would lead her to the man of her dreams, Howard Barr, who is just as tempting as he looks. Even more than that he makes her feel beautiful and feminine, something she has not really ever felt, and even more than that he makes her feel cherished. When she finds herself falling in love with the gentle giant, she knows she will have to make a choice, a choice that could mean her destruction or one that could save her and lead her to happiness in his arms....

My Thoughts 
Wild About You is the most recent addition to the Love At Stake Series and I am so grateful to Avon Publishing and Edelweiss that I was able to get a copy of it. Especially since Kerrelyn Sparks is one of my favorite authors....and I just loved Howard's was just right!!Wild About You is a wonderful love story that takes two people that have lived different lives, but upon meeting each other certain truths about themselves and their own history will come to light....I think I was always rooting for Howard, he has been a secret favorite of mine since seeing him in recent books in the series. So it was a delight to read his story, and I just loved how protective he was of Elsa and was willing to do anything to protect her and keep her in his life, and I just almost cried when I saw how gently and caring he treated Elsa....definitely a heartwarming love story that will seep its way into your heart....a story filled with action, some mystery, passionate and tender lovemaking, and a love story that will sing to you!!!! A Must Read!!!!

My Grade On This Story 
5 Blossoms

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