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Book Review-Untamed Fire

Untamed Fire
Donna Fletcher
Kindle E Book
Published 1991-E Book Published Jun 2012
American West Historical Romance
Wealthy California rancher Rafael Cabrillo bad broken some of the wildest stallions and mares, and now those docile animals obeyed his every command. The imperious aristocrat expected his people to behave the same way, so Rafael was outraged when a buxom barefoot chit "borrowed" his favorite horse and then dared to disobey him! Determined to subdue the willful gypsy girl, be followed her to the vineyard, but his stern purpose evaporated when he spied her eating grapes and licking the sweet juice from her lips. He knew he must steal a kiss from that sweet mouth, caress every curve of that sun-warmed body, and tame the rebellious vixen with caresses until she begged to be taken to the heights of ecstasy--on his terms!

Gabriella was astonished when the outraged senor made such a fuss, just because she galloped off on his borne to rescue her little brother. And when the authoritarian ranchero insisted that she atone for her crime by working at his hacienda--and wearing shoes!--she couldn't help but laugh, which made him even angrier. Vowing never to serve anyone, she defied his commands every chance she got--until she felt his strong arms crushing her against his powerful chest. And when she tasted his first searing kiss, Gabriella longed to feel the length of his virile body touching her own fiery flesh and to surrender to the rapture of love's ultimate embrace--just this once!
My Review

When a barefoot slip of a girl steals Don Cabrillo's prized horse, he is furious and wants to put her in her place as soon as he gets a hold of her. Rafael demands that Gabriella serve out her punishment as his mother's companion for six months at the hacienda and to obey his every command; Rafael not fully realizing how much she would turn his world or order into a world of Chaos and confusion. Gabriella, desperate to save her younger brother, borrows Senor Rafel's horse, never knowing how much trouble she would end up in. Gabriella is a free spirit but finds Rafael's way stifling and is determined to show him the meaning of Fun....even if it might kill her in the process...But when a mystery comes to haunt her and her past, with the help of Rafael, Gabriella learns to trust in Rafael and to learn the power of love....

The Hero 
Rafael, Don Cabrillo, leads his people with a firm and solid hand, with no change, because that is the way its always been and he likes it that way. He hates surprises and unexpected changes. He expects obedience from everyone....the servants, his mother and especially disrespectful chits who drive him up the wall.....Gabriella baffles Rafael and confuses him because of his strong attraction to her. Especially since her willfulness amuses him more so than gets him furious and he finds he quite enjoys her playful ways, even if he thinks he is going crazy.....and he doesn't want to keep resisting her playful personality that only captivates him....

The Heroine 
Gabriella, is shocked when Don  Cabrillo accuses her of stealing his horse and refuses to even listen to why she had done so...and much to her dismay she is to serve for six long months. Gabriella starts to feel like a prisoner inside the Hacienda, and knows she is only doing this to protect her family....but Rafael makes her feel alive and makes her want to do the most outrageous things....and despite his domineering and interfering way she can't help but fall in love with him....

My Thoughts 
Every time that I read Donna Fletcher I am astounded by how much I have enjoyed her stories, and Untamed Fire was surpisingly good considering I wasn't too enthusiastic when I first started...however from the first few pages I was utterly captivated by this magical story that stole its way into my heart. One of the things that I found unique about Untamed the circumstances surrounding this book. Its rare to find a setting which is in the early 1900's, and dealing with the Arisocracy from fact this is probably one of the few books that I have read dealing with any characters originating from Spain, so it was very refreshing. Untamed Fire produced many different aspects, but one that I really liked was how spirited the characters were.  There were also many scenes that made me laugh and cry...Gaby was such a fun and endearing character with a zest for life, and I just liked her instantly.....she didn't have an obedient bone in her body and I loved how she stood up to Rafael, and showed him the meaning of the word 'fun'. Overall a fun and enjoyable romance, an excellent story line, endearing characters that will charm you and a love story that will sing to your heart. I can hardly wait for the next upcoming release sequel 'Renegade Love'.....

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

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