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Book Review-The Viscount's Wicked Ways

The Viscount's Wicked Ways
Anne Mallory 
Avon Publishing
Mass Market Paperback 
Published April 2006
372 Pages
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-087292-2
Author's Website

Thomas Ashe, the brooding Viscount Blackfield, is a man any lady would shun. But Patience Harrington, try as she might, has never been a proper lady. Her bumbled London season left her with no marital prospects and no recourse but to accept her father's invitation to travel to gloomy Blackfield Castle. Surely, spending a few nights in the presence of priceless antiques and a devilish viscount can't be as bad as facing the ton gossip.

Focused solely on his secret government project, Thomas cares little for the valuable antiques he's recently inherited. The troublesome young woman who has come to assess them, however, stirs his senses in every way. Patience is a distraction Thomas can ill afford --- a beautiful temptation that makes him ache with desire. For a spy is threatening to destroy all he has built, and Patience is hiding something. With so much at stake, Thomas must do whatever it takes to seduce the truth from Patience's lips before lives --- and his own heart --- are lost.
My Review
Patience has come to Blackfield Castle, to catalogue Viscount Blackfield's antique collect. As daughter of a man that is obsessed with Antiquities, she has learned much. So along with her cousin, they head to Blackfield's home. When Patience first arrives, she is surprised by the current state of things. There is odd noises all hours of the day and night, some of the maids acting as if any object will attack them at will, and when she first meets the Viscount, she believes him to be a vampire. However, she knows that her mind is just playing tricks on her, even if he is arrogant and brooding enough to be one. When things start to really get interesting she decides to start to investigate the strange occurrences.   Thomas, senses that there is something strange about Patience. He suspects one of her party to be a french spy, trying to discover what he has managed to keep hidden so far. But when he finds her snooping around his castle, he thinks she is the spy, and despite the passion he feels for her...he will set out to prove her guilt and betrayal. Until love gets in the way...

The Hero ( Thomas Ashe)
Thomas, didn't have much positive raising as a child and lost his parents at a younger age, and has recently inherited a large cache of antiquities, but is secretly working on a project for the government, but of lately there has been attempts of spies to discover what secret project he has been working on. So when a group comes to assess his  newly acquired collection, he knows that one or more will be after his project, and he must stop at nothing to protect it, and find the one's that are threatening what he has worked so hard for.

The Heroine (Patience Harrington)
Patience, has never been what most would be called a "Proper Lady". Patience, has never had much finesse to socialize in London's circles. She says what is on her mind, and refuses to discuss the most boring topics like the weather and gossip. But then her ways get her in trouble, and she finds herself the center of gossip. So when her father sends her to Blackfield's Castle, she is more than happy to do so. But when she meets Thomas, he introduces her to a world of desire and passion, the likes of which she has never known.

My Thoughts 
Even though The Viscount's Wicked Ways, was a very enjoyable read, I felt like there was something lacking. It seemed like there were so many great qualities about the story, but it didn't fall into place very well. I really liked the playful romance that develops between Patience and Thomas. However I didn't feel the normal spark that I usually find in Mallory's books. There was a strong plot that is put into the story, however there wasn't a smooth flow in the story. I really had very high expectations for this one, especially after reading the blurb and looking at the cover, I expected a remarkable read that kept my attention all through the story. However I found myself putting it down quite a few times, because I didn't really get fully into the story. Although there were a few aspects of the story that I did enjoy. First is I did like the story line, I always love a good espionage romance, and even though this one seemed a bit off, it was still fun to see how it turns out. I did like the imagination that the author uses in the book. Overall a enjoyable read, but not a fantastic one. One to relax into, but not one to stun the reader into falling in love with it. 

First Line 
Patience Harrington shivered with excitement and anticipation as she stared at the massive doors adorned with pointed crowns, sinister ravens, and trailing ivy. 

Favorite Quote 
The Viscount let go of her and leaned negligently against the door frame. "And why would I do that? Of what do I need to take heed?" He leaned forward, his lips inches away from hers. "This is my domain, and I can take what I want..."

My Grade 
3 Blossoms

Heat Rating

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  1. This sounds like a plot line I've heard before, but the cover of this one is so pretty



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