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Book Review-In Scandal They Wed

In Scandal They Wed
The Penwhich School For Virtuous Girls (2)
Sophie Jordan
Mass Market Paperback
Published April 2010
373 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-157921-9
Author's Website
 What kind of woman would marry a man she only just met?

The kind with nothing to lose.

Long ago, Evelyn Cross sacrificed her good name, her freedom, and any hope for love. Now, in the remote English countryside, she struggles to survive and avoid the scandal threatening to destroy all she holds dear . . . until a sinfully handsome viscount arrives on her doorstep, offering marriage, salvation, and tempting her with so much more . . .

What kind of man would marry a woman he only just met?

The kind bound by duty.

Fresh from war, Spencer Lockhart returns home to claim his title and right the wrong his cousin perpetrated upon Evelyn Cross. In need of a wife, his marrying her is a small price to pay for duty. But when he meets her, the fiery chit is not what he expects to find in a ruined lady. As desire flares hotly between them, honor is the last thing on his mind . . .

What kind of man and woman would marry when they've only just met?

The kind who could ignite a scandal with just one touch
My Review

Every time I get a chance to read from Sophie Jordan I find myself in for one hell of a ride of a story. I always know that it will be easy to read and I will be thoroughly entertained. Even though I enjoyed this one, there was just something I felt was missing. It was very easy and a quick read, which is the norm for Jordan's book. But I felt like there wasn't much of a "romance", I wish there had been a bit more development between the couple. The end seemed a bit rushed, however I would slightly recommend this, just it wouldn't be at the top of my list of favorites of this author.

Evie is one of the three girls where they formed a friendship at the Penwhich school for girls, which was misery in and of itself. Her father sent her there when she was a girl. Now after returning from Barbados, where she was almost attacked and raped, she knows that she will have to sacrifice everything for her sister, who is the only one in her family that loves her. When her sister Linnie gives birth to a son, with the father a soldier and serving elsewhere, she is about to lose her child. So Evie claims the child as her own, and is to be taken to the countryside and will claim to be a widow. Four years have passed since, and Nicholas, she considers to be her own, especially since Linnie died shortly after giving birth. Then she meets Spencer Lockhart, who claims to be the cousin of Nicholas' father and Linnie's lover. AT first she is resistant to him, but when he proposes marriage and a life of security and opportunity for her son, she is more than willing. At first she is afraid of his reaction to the truth, but the lie starts to eat away at her, and when her feelings for him start to slowly change into love, she knows she must tell him everything. But she wonders when the truth comes out will he still care about her, or will she lost him completely?

Spencer has retired from the army, since his brothers death, he knows it is up to him to take responsibility to the title that rests on his shoulders. He is still grieving for his cousin who was his close friend, and has dreamed for years of "Linnie". Spencer is a bit arrogant, very sexual, and I had a hard time liking him for most of the book, until the end, he started to become a bit likable. So he was not my favorite, especially in his treatment of Evie, who I think has a heart of gold. Evie, has sacrificed everything for her family, and they still treat her like dirt. Spencer isn't much different, its all about sex for him, whereas Evie wishes for something more in their relationship. I loved how strong willed she is, and doesn't back down and demands respect for herself...I love seeing her develop some good backbone especially to her parents in the end. (they totally deserved it). I found something lacking in their relationship.

Overall this was my least favorite of Sophie Jordan so far. I was very surprised that I didn't like it more. I found it to be a bit brutal for Jordan's style. I didn't really like it all that much, there were some good factors involved, but I felt like there was some substance missing from it. I felt like there could have been more development in their relationship, and I didn't see how they went from sex and hating each other, to madly in love. It just didn't fit for me completely. Disappointed, but plan on reading more from this author, since I know I have just loved her other books.

My Grade 
3 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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