Monday, December 29, 2014

Quote Tastic (28) Not Domesticated...In Love

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My Candidate For The Week

“Saint took a seat at the main faro table at the Society club. “What the devil is a ladies' political tea?” 
Tristan Carroway, Viscount Dare, finished placing his wager, then sat back, reaching for his glass of port. 
“Do I look like a dictionary?” 
“You're domesticated.” Saint motioned for a glass of his own, despite unfriendly looks from the tables' other players. 
“What is it?”
 “I'm not domesticated; I'm in love. You should try it. Does wonders for your outlook on life.” 
“I'll take your word for it, thank you.” 
For a long moment the butler sat in silence, his jaw hanging open. “I . . . my lord, I simply don't feel qualified to advise you about such matters.” 
“Don't tell me that,” Saint protested. “Tell me whether you can imagine me as a married man or not.” 
To his surprise, the butler set aside his brandy snifter and sat forward. 
“My lord, I do not wish to overstep my bounds, but I have noticed a ... change in your demeanor, of late. The question of whether anyone can imagine you married or not, however, is one I believe must be answered by you. And the lady, of course.” 
Saint frowned. “Coward.” 
“There is that, as well.” 
“I told you I didn't have a heart. I do have one. I just didn't know it until I met you. You are my light. My soul craves you, and I love you with every ounce of the heart you've awakened in me. I...I could live without you but I wouldn't want to. Will you marry me, Evelyn Marie?”

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