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Book Review-Lord Of Hawkfell Island

Lord Of Hawkfell Isalnd
Viking Series
Catherine Coulter
Jove, 389 Pages
Published Nov 1993
ISBN: 9780515112306


Rorik is a Viking warrior, as fierce and savage as the North Sea during the winter solstice. Mirana is a Viking woman who loves birds, is more ingenious than most men, and loyal down to her toes. Her life changes utterly one fateful day when Rorik and his men come to Clontarf, a Viking fortress on the eastern coast of Ireland, to kill her half-brother. But she is the one taken as a hostage to use as a pawn against him...Rorik is the Lord of Hawkfell, an island off the east coast of Britain. The moment he brings his captive home, it seems that everything begins to fly out of his control. The women are out to teach the men a lesson with the result that the food is rank, Rorik's family is out for Miranda's blood, a murderer is on the loose, and a huge mongrel, Kerzog, dotes not only on his master but also on his master's captive....


Rorik, a Viking Warrior, seeks revenge against Einar, who brutally killed most of his people. So when he comes to kill him, he decides to take Einar's sister Mirana. So he takes her to his home, Hawkfell Island. Mirana, after tending to Rorik's injury, finds herself kidnapped by the very devil himself. Now she has been taken to his home on a island. Mirana, a viking woman herself,has lived under her half brother's reign, whom she knows deep inside how crazy he can get, and as she starts to spend time on Hawkfell Island, she starts to realize who her step brother truly is, and the desire that she feels with Rorik, flares up through her stay on the Island. But just when things start to come into sync, Rorik's family arrives, and even want her gone from Rorik's life, no matter the means by which it is done. So despite the love that Rorik and Mirana have built, it is threatened by forces all around them. Now will what they have shared, and the love they have built be enough to stand through the coming storm of opposition.

The Hero
Rorik, after losing his wife, children, and many of his people in a raid led by Miran's brother, has bitterness in his heart. So even though Mirana has helped heal him when he attacked her home, takes her as his captive on Hawkfell Isaldn. But her sweet spirit and the passion between them starts to slowly break through the hardness of his heart, and he finds himself in love once again. However upon the return of his family, all the bitterness and hatred come flying back.

The Heroine 
Mirana, is very loyal, lover animals- especially birds, and is a healer. After Rorik attacks her home, intent on killing her step brother Einar, she ends up being the one to start healing him up. However, then he kidnaps her and takes her captive to his Island. At first she is enraged and bent on escaping his hold on her, but then his passionate embraces starts to weaken her resolve in exquisite pleasure. And she doesn't know where her resistance has gone, especially when she is welcomed so warmly by those around her, especially the women. When she starts to fall in love with Rorik, and feel that they have a chance at a future together, his family arrives, and she feel more like a outsider than ever before, and her life is threatened, as well as the love she has built with Rorik.

My Thoughts:
Lord Of Hawkfell Island, is the Second in the Viking Series by Catherine Coulter. This begins as a story of revenge and hatred, then slowly turns into the exact opposite of passion and love that is built between two people that in the beginning despised one another. Throughout this story, these characters come alive for the reader, and each page filled with passion, danger and excitement, and a tender love story. I love the journey that Coulter takes the reader on, filled with excitement and adventure on every page, and a story that will become such a page turner that you will have a hard time putting this one down on the table. Definitely a historical romance you don't want to miss out on!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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  1. Love the sound of this one, glad you enjoyed it :) Great review!



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