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Book Review-Kiss Of Fury

Kiss Of Fury
Dragonfire (2)
Deborah Cooke
Signet Eclipe
Published August 2008
392 Pages
Shape Shifting Romance

Alexandra Madison has discovered an invention that could change the world. When her partner is murdered and their lab destroyed, Alex knows she has to rebuild her prototype in time...

Donovan Shea knows the Madison project is of dire importance to the ongoing Pyr/Slayer war. So when he sees Alex being followed by a Slayer, he reacts and defends her, never imagining that she’s his destined mate...

As Slayers close in on their prey, Donovan knows he’ll surrender his life to protect Alex—and lose his heart to possess her...
My Review
Alex, has worked very hard to make the "Green Machine" happen, but then one tragic night, her lab is destroyed, and her partner tortured and then killed. She finds herself in the hospital, having dreams of Dragons, and then she finds herself being kidnapped by a breathtakingly handsome man where sparks happen whenever they touch. When she learns that he is a Dragon Shapeshifter, she is shocked, and can't believe that such things are real. Alex is stubborn and is desperate to make the Green Machine become public known, but only with the help of Pyr, will she be able to make her dreams come true....and to hold onto a man who has stolen her heart....

The Hero 
When Donovan Shea learns that Alex is his 'Firestorm', he is furious with those that knew and didn't tell him. Now he has a woman that is always leaving him and his protection to retain information that is vital to the Green Machine. Donovan is a loner, and even though he is loyal to the Pyr and fights side by side with them, he knows who he really is. So at first he denies what he truly feels for Alex, but then he comes to the point where he doesn't know if he could let her go, because she has stolen her way into his heart.

The Heroine 
Alex, has devoted her life to the coming about of the Green Machine. When she see's her lab destroyed, and her partner and friend killed brutally, she doesn't know if she will be able to surving the coming storm. At first she wants to be indepenent and do things on her own, without the help of a alpha male who, it seems, is always furious with her. But a passion ignites and she only wants to surrender to the storm....

My Thoughts 
I was looking for something new and different, a author I hadn't read before, and I came across Deborah Cooke. I have a weakness for dragon shifter romances, so I knew when I read the blurb, I had to try it out. I have found a new favorite author. I just loved everything about this book, although I thought Alex could be too stubborn for her own good, and kind of an idiot thinking she can protect herself against dragons. But I really enjoyed the blossoming romance that develops between Donovan and Alex. There was a unique quality about the plot and the way this author weaves a beautiful story of adventure, passion, and love. I really loved Donovan, he seems so like a man of steel, but I just loved seeing how he weakens toward Alex and the way he treats her is so precious. I also enjoyed getting to know the other Pyr members, and I can't wait to read more books from this author. A WINNER!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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