Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Short Book Review- Tiger Time

Tiger Time
Alaskan Tigers (1)
Marissa Dobson
Sunshine Press
Published November 2012
140 Pages
Shape Shifter Romance

Tabitha Leigh has no idea her life is about to change. Until now, she’s been living a quiet life, unaware danger stalks her.

Ty Reynolds has been watching Tabitha from a distance to see if she would go through “the change.” When she finally does, he sees more in her than just the future of their kind. Now that she is embracing her were-tiger, he must tell her she is the Queen of the Tiger . . . with a bounty on her head.

Tabitha must be protected at all cost. She has to embrace her future and her mate or it will be the end of everything she’s just come to know and hadn’t realized she needed.
My Review
When I first read a review for Tiger Time, I knew this was a must read. Now I know that it is definitely a must read for anyone that like were romances. It's definitely one of those that draws you immediately into the story, and never lets you go. I really enjoyed the sparks between Ty and Tabby, there was definitely some sizzling passion going on, but I also loved the emotional bond that forms too. There was also a bit of a mystery and intrigue element that added a bit of spice to the story. I think I have a found a new favorite author in Marissa Dobson. Although there was one set back that I didn't like too much, the length of the story. I just wish it could have been longer, it just seemed like there could have been more to it. Overall though, a wonderfully written story of a woman's journey into the unknown and a man who would show her to her destiny. LOVED IT!!!! Looking forward to the next one in the series.

My Grade On This Book
4.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating

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  1. Ooh, I'll have to bump this one up my list! :) There's a sequel that she has coming out, which is also on my list. Thanks for the review, Renee!




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