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Book Review-Pleasure's Of A Tempted Lady

Pleasures Of A Tempted Lady
Donovan Sisters (3)
Jennifer Haymore
E Book
Forever Books
Published July 2012
448 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
Forbidden passion is the ultimate temptation...

Captain William Langley knows the ocean well, but nothing could prepare him for what he discovers adrift on the cold Irish Sea. The tiny boat carries two passengers: a child—and Meg Donovan, Will's long-lost love. Meg's disappearance at sea eight years ago was a devastating blow. Now she's back, as beautiful as ever, and with secrets as deep as Will's own.

After years held captive by a cold-blooded pirate, Meg has finally escaped with little Jake, the boy she's come to love as if he were her own. But the pirate wants his revenge—and Meg must do whatever it takes to shield Jake from the madman. Determined not to lose Meg again, Will vows to protect them both, yet Meg can't risk putting the only man she's ever loved in danger. With the threat to her safety growing, and her passion for Will burning brighter every day, surrendering herself to Will might be a pleasure too tempting to resist
My Review
 Will, is on a new mission, to find a pirate and a smuggler. On board his new ship, he heads to where he thinks he may be hiding. What he didn't expect to find was a woman and a child floating on a damaged boat, and none other than Meg Donovan. A Woman he thought was dead all these eight years, one he has only dreamed of seeing again. But she is not the woman he once knew, she has changed and so has he. Meg's life changed the moment she was thrown overboard into the sea eight years ago. She was kidnapped and held prisoner by a pirate, for eight long years and now she has been able to escape. When she see's Will again, she is overwhelmed with her past feelings for him. But when he proves to be just as caring and protective, she wonders if she can truly trust him with her secrets and the danger that follow her everywhere she goes...

The Hero (William Langley)
Will, is captain of his own ship now, and is trying to move on with his life. The past eight years have been a life of hardship and pain, ever since losing the one woman he has loved more than life. He is shocked to the core when he see's her again. Now he will do everything in his power to protect her from those that would seek to destroy her....

The Heroine (Meg Donovan)
Meg, never knew what true cruelty was until she was kidnapped. For eight long years she has been fighting him, and now she has managed to escape him, and fears that if and when he does find her that it will mean death for both herself and those that she loves. Meg wants to trust in Will and in his ability to protect her however she knows what true evil is, and she fears that the only way to protect those she loves is to make sure no danger is brought to their door, even if it means hurting those that she cares most about.

My Thoughts 
Pleasure's Of A Tempted Lady is the third in the Donovan Sisters series. I have to say that although I really enjoyed it, it certainly wasn't my favorite...and it was the one I was most looking forward to reading. I mean it had a strong plot, with witty interaction, and I really loved the mystery and intrigue that prevails in the story, and takes your breath away. However, the one thing I really didn't like is the lack of chemistry between Will and Meg. I mean it was there on the surface, but I really didn't feel it in the story. I felt reading through it, I felt like something was lacking in the love story. I also didn't really like Meg that much, I felt like she didn't treat Will very good, and was a bit spineless when it comes to love. She didn't exactly have the fighting spirit you see in the heroines in the others books written by this author. Even though there were some things I didn't like, it was still a very enjoyable read, and well written for the most part, and I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys this author.

My Grade On This Book 
3.5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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  1. I didn't like this series all that much, I think it was way too convoluted what happened and the whole having to live with a different identity thing was just TOO MUCH.

    I liked Will but was very meh about the whole thing.



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