Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Review-Heart Of The Dove

Heart Of The Dove
Dragon Chalice (3)
Tina St. John
Ivy Books
Published November 2005
Medieval Historical Romance
The darkest heart . . .

Everything that Randwulf of Greycliff loved was torn from his grasp in a night of fire and terror. His wife and child slain, his manor destroyed, Rand now lives for one thing alone: revenge on the man who ordered the attack. Armed with part of the legendary Dragon Chalice -- the object his enemy most desires -- Rand embarks on a deadly voyage to trap his foe. He will avenge his family . . . and let no one stand in his way.

The brightest hope . . .

On a stormswept shore in the wilds of northern England, a gentle maiden discovers a man lying on the beach, shipwrecked and in need of care. But helping him is forbidden. Serena has the gift of Knowing: with a mere touch, she can see all the secrets in a man's heart. It is a gift that has kept her secluded from the outside world, wary of those who would use her powers for their own gain. But Rand's wounded heart beckons, and his passionate nature draws her to him -- daring her to surrender to a dangerous seduction that could destroy them both. . . .
My Review-
When I first picked Heart Of The Dove up from the library, I was intrigued and it sounded like a book that I would really get into....however it wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. It started out very slow, and I found myself forcing myself to continue reading, and I gave it about 100 pages, before I had to give it never clicked for me, and I just wasn't really enjoying it at all. I mean the plot was alright....but kinda sketchy at times, it didn't flow smoothy-more like all over the board, there were things that didn't piece together right. I really liked Serena though, she was sweet and innocent and magical in a way, and she treated Rand way better than he ever deserved. Rand has gone through some rough patches, however he treats Serena horridly, and I really never liked him. I never really connected to the characters apart from Serena a little. Part of me is sad that I wasn't able to finish it, and maybe another time I might try re reading it again, but I just found it a little too depressing for my taste, and I didn't really get into it, and it seemed more of a chore to unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it. I do wish it hadn't been so disappointing though.

My Grade 


  1. Aww, that's too bad!
    It sounded like it had promise but then the guy sounds bad, I don't think I would like him either.

  2. Yeah I know...that's what I thought too....I think I might have enjoyed it more and maybe finished it if the hero hadn't been such a jerk all the time lol



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