Monday, October 27, 2014

Quote Tastic (18) Losing My Wits

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My Candidate For The Week
After Midnight was the first book I read from this author, and the first paranormal romance I read. It is set in the Regency Era, with a vampire theme. But I seriously adore this book and the connecting book "The Vampire Who Loved Me". If you have yet to read this book or this are missing out! I see this author...and she is at the top of my auto buy list!!

“Of course not! I knew you would protect me. You swore that you were strong enough to protect Vivienne, didn’t you? How can you promise to protect my sister, but not trust yourself to keep me safe?”

The music swelled to a crescendo. Although Adrian kept her imprisoned against the muscular length of his body, he gave up all pretense of dancing. “Because I don’t lose my wits every time Vivienne walks into a room. I don’t toss and turn in my bed every night dreaming of making love to her. She doesn’t drive me to distraction with her endless questions, her incessant snooping, her harebrained schemes.” His voice rose. “I can trust myself to protect your sister because I’m not in love with her!”

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