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Book Review-Darkness by Laurann Dohnner

New Species (12)
Laurann Dohner
Ellora's Cave
E Book
Published September 23 2014
271 Pages
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 9781419993183
Author's Website 
Kat’s boss wants dirt on the NSO. She is sent to Homeland undercover but everything goes wrong as soon as she enters the front gates. She is arrested by a big, powerful, sexy New Species but she is not frightened. He turns her on and things heat up fast between them. Now, she just hopes he does not break her heart.

Darkness admires Kat’s courage but he cannot trust anything she says. He hasn’t been with a female for years because he knows he is too damaged. He is not mate material, despite his desire to possess her in every way. Darkness fears losing control—the one thing that defines his life. He doesn’t think he can tear down the protective walls he’s built, even for her.

Inside Scoop: Kat never realized how much fun handcuffs and dominant males could be until she discovered her kinky side through Darkness’ need for control.
My Review

Kat works for the FBI, and her boss has sent her on a mission, undercover to Homeland and discover secrets on the NSO. However despite her order, Kat has no intention of spying or getting dirt on them for her boss. She has more respect for herself than that. All she plans is to teach some classes, and meet some New Species, but when she arrives something goes horribly wrong, and she ends up being arrested by Darkness-a big and intimidating New Species, but Kat isn't afraid in the least, she only feels a attraction to this man who stirs her like no other has ever done. Darkness knows he will never be a good male, he has a dark past and has gone through things that not many other species have. He is damaged and refuses to even try a real relationship with anyone, his brother or this woman that stirs him up. There is a instant attraction between Darkness and Kat, but Darkness refuses to let Kat into his heart, and begins pushing her away, but only when Darkness will face his past and fears, will he be able to hold onto Kat, a woman of integrity and spirit.

Darkness is number twelve in the New Species series by Laurann Dohner. Now I just have loved this series, and due to a blogger friend of mine, who got me hooked on Fury-the first book in the series, I was hooked on this series and this author. Now even though this is erotica romance, it has never really felt like it to me. There is always such a focus on the building of a relationship and the love aspect...but there are plenty of HOT and sexy scenes to satisfy anyone...but I will always recommend this series..I have just adored the way that Dohner has created this world of her, and I have been wanting to read Darkness for quite some time. He is one of the darker new species in the series, but what a story this one was. Now Darkness has some real issues, and for that he pushes Kat away...and sometimes I just wanted to knock his head with a brick...just to knock some common sense into the guy. But Kat, Oh how I loved her. She is a fighter and has quite a spirited personality and gives everything she has, and I loved how she doesn't back down from Darkness. She is really to match him in every step, and she isn't one to back down from a fight. She is definitely great for Darkness and I enjoyed seeing these two come together.

Now there is a bit of light bondage in the story...but nothing more than handcuffs, and I am not a huge fan of the BDSM action, but in reality there isn't much of it in this one...which I was happy about. There is quite a few of HOT scenes that will really make you turn on the Air Conditioning but what a wonderful way this author develops a story even will all the bedroom scenes. What I really enjoyed about this one, is seeing Darkness really develop as a character from beginning to end. You see him face some really tough issues and I loved him getting his HEA, he definitely deserved it. We also see more of Fury which was awesome and many of the other characters from previous books. I found this latest installment...intense, vibrant in emotion, and a plot that is ever moving...try to keep up!!! WELL DONE!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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