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Top Ten Tuesday (56) Top Ten Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

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Top Ten Things I Like When It Comes To Romances In Books

1. Sub Genres: One thing that I have always loved about reading romances is the variety. There are so many genres to choose from, so there is something for any mood you are in. It can be very diverse.

2. The Love Story-This is the main reason I read romances is for that sweet, angsty, tough, hard to win love story. I love seeing what makes a couple tick and brings them together in the end.

3. The Characters-I love my alpha males and my feisty heroines. I love characters that connect to the reader and seeing the different perceptions of them. Seeing the various qualities of human beings. The good and the bad.

4. The Bedroom Scenes-This for me can be from that melt in the knees kiss, second base, to a sensual night of lovemaking. I love seeing a couple come together sexually, and this can also be very unique and if written write...compelling and beautiful. They can be playful and quirky. 

5. The Plot and story lines-Romance novels have some of the best story lines that I have ever read in fiction. I love seeing a story unfold, especially in a romance. There can be so many depths and layers...its like peeling a onion...you never know when you will reach the center or what you will find.

6. The Cover-Now come on ladies...admit it, we all love those sensual and gorgeous covers that makes us want to jump right into the book (just like in Mary Poppins and like they jump into the art scenes). I love the variety and different colors and how artistic in can be and it can set the tone for the story as well. Any of the covers can make us melt if done right even the older ones. I love the dresses, the poses, the "almost" Searing kiss, and those beautiful male specimens. "Yum Yum" :)

7. Never Run Out Of Books To Read-When I first started reading romances 10 years ago, the only place to go for books were the Bookstores and libraries. E Books hadn't come out yet (I know I may be only 27 but that makes me feel old lol). And back then I knew I could always find a book to read, but sometimes it was hard finding one for my mood at the time. But now with the miracle of e books, there are thousands of books and authors to choose from. I know I will never read all I want, especially when I keep adding to my TBR, but I love how I will never worry about running out of books to read. Since this is my favorite genre to read at any time.

8. Romance novels has always been able to broaden my horizons. I used to only read historical romance, and now I try to read a variety of genres and there are many to choose from. And its always growing. In the past five years alone, we have sub genres that didn't exist before. So its so much fun to explore.

9. The Adventure-Now this is probably the main reason why historical romance and paranormal are my favorite genres to read. But other genres do it too. But I love the sense of adventure and exploring the world feel that these books can have. You can go from exploring the west with cowboys and Indians, to swimming in the islands, to slaying viking warriors, or searching for riches, or starting anew in a unfamiliar place, or in the moors with a kilted Scot, or shooting arrows with that "Robin Hood". I love how exciting it can be.

10. Humor-I will say that I know when I pick up a certain author, I will have a barrel of laughs, and if I ever need something to amuse me I pick up a certain book and laugh and giggle and snort my way though. hehehe. I love the wit and the way the characters just make you put a smile on your face.

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