Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Movie Review-Fifty Shades of Grey

This is the first time I have steered away from books, to a movie review. But since this movie is based on a book...I feel like I am on safe ground here. There was a lot of hype on this movie, and before I saw this I had read some good reviews from fellow blogger friends, who have positive results. And my sister, actually loved it, and encouraged me to see it RIGHT AWAY!! SO I did. Now I did wait till after the Valentines Day Weekend. I do live in Utah, so I am sure it wouldn't be a huge crowd, but I do know a lot went to see it anyway. My first impression of the movie was Well Done! This movie was intense, emotional and captivating. It was so much better than the book. Now this movie is based on the first book in the series. The first book, I will be honest, wasn't my favorite. But I do think you need to read this series before you watch the movie. You don't have to, I know a couple of girls that hadn't read the books, and still enjoyed the movie, well except for the ending. But those of us who have read the books, know exactly how it ends, and its not exactly roses and daises.  What I liked most was how it followed the book so well. I never felt like it had changed much from the story. And there are certain scenes that they just couldn't put in the movie, which is understandable. The sex scenes were by far not what I expected. In all honesty I had no idea what to expect or what would be included in the movie. But it was less than I thought, and I found that they were done in a very tasteful and classy way.I do want to mention the first sex scene, I had heard this but I do concur. That as you see what is happening, that I hope that this happens to me (yes I am a virgin...shocker I know,but I am picky about my guys and haven't found a guy I could trust yet in that way). But I found it sensual and passionate and a hint of tender loving.

Now let me tell you what I think about the actors. First we have Jamie Dornan. AWW I could post the
pictures of his body on my bedroom walls and just gaze at him forever. He has a gorgeous body. But I will say we don't see as much of his as we do Anastasia's. Which in my opinion so unfair!! :(. Ever since I heard that this book would be turned into a primary concern was his Christian. In the books he is such a deep and complex character, and I honestly didn't think they would find someone good enough to play the role. But honestly, I think it would be near impossible to find someone that would fit Christian's profile perfectly, and Jamie did good. Not fabulous but good. I do think with each movie he will improve and get better. But as for as body and facial features, he is exactly what I picture Christian to look like. Gorgeous, Mysterious, and intense. Jamie Dornan has the intense eye look pat down. What I really loved about his character, was how he gets into the role of the character. One thing I wish was better was the facial expressions. Some of them didn't fit, but as a overall character...they picked a good one to play Christian.

Now onto Dakota Johnson. I loved her character in every way. She did a super job at portray Ana in such a way that draws you in. I loved the way that she incorporates the feelings and emotions so well in this movie. She has the look that I imagined that Ana would have, and you see how she slowly changes, which does happen in the book too. But what I also liked was how at first you see how intimidated she is by Christian, but as with the book, as the story continues you see the growth of her character, which is amazing. Dakota is a new favorite actress of mine, thanks to this movie. I loved the way that she could display any emotion that she was feeling to the audience. You don't get any better than Dakota Johnson in my book.

As a overall opinion, I loved this movie. And I am sure this weekend I will see it again with my we can watch it together, since we both watched it alone. But this is a great movie for a date with your man, or out on the town with friends. Most of my friends that live around here, don't have much interest in this movie, so I just saw it...with no fear and boy was it everything I expected. It definitely provoked emotion and as many of you know this is a hard story. Its not easy to like, it really wrenches out your emotions, especially the later part of the story. We see in the movie, how it sets up for books 2 and 3. If you watched this movie without reading the books, and don't want to see more, I ask you to reconsider. Trust me, if they do as well with 2 and 3 as they did with this won't regret it.

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