Monday, February 2, 2015

Quote Tastic (33) I'd Come Back To Haunt You

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My Candidate For The Week

“Missing you?" she giggled incredulously. "I could cheerfully murder you."
 "I'd come back to haunt you," he threatened with a grin. 
"And that," she said, "is the only reason why I haven't tried.”
 “Clayton," she said softly, her voice threaded with tears, "when Vanessa asked about my accomplishments tonight, I forgot to mention that I do have one. And it's--it's so splendid that it compensates for my lack of all the others." 
Stephen and Clayton grinned at each other, neither of them hearing the emotion that clogged her voice. 
"What splendid accomplishments is that, little one?" Clayton asked. Her shoulders hunched forward and began to shake.
 "I made you love me," she whispered brokenly. "Somehow, some way, I actually made you love me.” 
“In one of her more philosophical moments, she decided that the reason virginity was so prized for a bride was because early man must have realized that a bride who knew what was in store for her on her wedding night, would not be smiling quite so radiantly when she walked down that aisle!” 
“If I ever think you are even considering leaving me again, no matter how good you reasons, I'll have you locked in your rooms and the doors barricaded, so help me God." He lifted her foot and began to dry it. 
Her voice shaking, Whitney asked, "Will you stay locked in there with me?"
 He raised her dainty foot to his jaw and tenderly laid his cheek against it, then turned his head and kissed it. 
"Yes," he whispered.

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