Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Review-Heart Of A Warrior

Heart Of A Warrior
(Ly-San-Ter Series)
Johanna Lindsey
368 Pages, 
Published April 2001 
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 0-380-97854-7

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but according to perennial New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey, men, especially huge hunks like Dalden Ly-San-Ter, are from the planet Sha-Ka'an, and women, especially strong-minded, statuesque beauties like carpenter Brittany Callaghan, are from right here on Earth! Lindsey's latest offering is out of this world--literally. Brittany meets the first man she's ever had to look up to when she sees Dalden at a political rally... like she could avoid noticing a 7-foot tall Hercules clad in form-fitting leather pants. When he disappears without a trace, Brittany is unaccountably put out. But when Dalden just as mysteriously reappears in her apartment the next day, her already piqued interest--and libido--goes into overdrive. Brittany thinks Dalden is just visiting from another country, never guessing that his home is actually in a whole different solar system. Dalden is hunting an unscrupulous enemy who has stolen a shipment of mind-altering weapons, a situation with potentially cataclysmic results. But the virginal Brittany is a distraction Dalden didn't count on. 

My Review:
After Dalden Ly-San-Ter finds out that who was once one of his friends, has taken vital weapons of a sort, he knows that he must go after him and retrieve these weapons. These weapons are called "Rods" which if used properly can influence men to do whatever the holder of rod desires. His friend being a royal, but having no kingdom to rule, has decided to go to a place where he can rule. This planet is Earth, which takes about Dalden three months to reach aboard "Martha's Ship" and with his sister and brother n law coming along for the ride. However he never expected his life to change after this adventure of meeting a stubborn, independent yet beautiful Brittany Callaghan. When Brittney see's a very tall yet captivating man standing not to far from her, at the mall, and looking lost she endeavors to help him out. Brittney however never knew that that small act of compassion would get her struck with a true barbarian warrior. When Brittney realizes that Dalden is obviously from a far away land, she decides to help him out with his dilemma of finding Jorran (Dalden's ex friend) in doing so, she finds herself falling for this intense man that keeps her on her toes. Even though she tries to deny it to everyone, even herself, she is about to embark on a adventure that will change her life to last a lifetime.

I have to say that this is the only one of the Ly-San-Ter series that I finally managed to get a hold of to read. I have to say its one of my favorites, and I have really loved reading this series. This one was a bit different than the other two previous books though. I think I loved Dalden, he seemed to have both sides of his parents civility and barbarism. I know that probably sounds insane and not possible, but somehow Lindsey worked it out that I Dalden is one of my favorite Alpha's. Because despite the culture he has been raised in, he is much more able to compromise with Brittney. Now Brittney, is unlike any other heroine, she is pure wit in this one. I had to laugh through the whole thing, because she doesn't want to believe in space ships, or "aliens" from other planets, well she sure gets the shocker of her life. It takes her quite some time, before she allows everything that she see's to be real, but once she starts to accept her new life, she more accepting of Dalden and who he is and where he comes from. All in all in was one hell of a ride, filled with surprises that I totally delighted in. It was a pure bliss to read such a read as this, will all its intricate delights and adventures that has your head spinning with the thrill of the story that will capture you heart.

My Grade On This Book
4.5 Blossoms

Other Books In The Series
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  1. Ah - Johanna Lindsey. I've only read Gentle Rogue, but all of her older books are on my TBR list. The Fabio covers are what REALLY get me going. xD Great review, all the same. <3

  2. I had a friend that suggested a book to me the ohter day by Johanna its not this one I think its A pirates love. After reading this, I will have to put it to my read sooner shelf. Great review!



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