Friday, June 25, 2010

Requested Book Review By Author: The Devilin Fey

The Devilin Fey 
Jess C Scott
E Book Edition-Kindle
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
eISBN: 978-1-4523-5151-3

Book Description
A novella of two stories, featuring an incubus and succubus.
Story #1 features a demure young woman unleashing the “devil in” her, through the intimacy with an incubus. Story #2 features a voyeuristic succubus driven by jealousy and a dangerous fixation.
My Review:

This book is two short paranormal romances, and I found that I really enjoyed this book. The Author requested that I review this book and I am glad that she did. I love reading anything involving the world of the paranormal, which this one does at this. The first story starts out with a story of a young woman who gets used sexually at the beginning by a modern rake, and she finds herself hurting from being used so badly. Then she meets Lucien at night on the beach, who captivates her attention. When she first meets him she see's him with wings, however the next moment they disappear and she wonders if she is imagining things. As time goes on she finds out who Lucien really is, a incubus and after sharing some intense passionate encounters, there is something changing within in, when she realizes that she is part human and part incubus. She finds within herself something unleashing, that she never imagined would ever happen to her. There is a devilish quality that errupts within her, but she has a intimate connection to him that she can't resist. I found this story to be a very passionate and strong love story that ignites the feeling of intimate sensation that heats up the room. I found that I couldn't put this one down, and since it is the first one that I have read that involves a incubus, its pages were filled with passion, adventure, mystery and a love that pulls at the hear strings!!! The second story however it was a bit enjoyable, but not the kind that I usually read. This story has a male succubus who is a voyeur. Most of the book is how he follows Adriana and watches her day by day, including sexual encounter with a "male friend". It wasn't until the end that they start really connecting.  For me I like more interaction with the main characters, and there was toward the end but not enough to fully satisfy me. Overall it was a good book to read and I am grateful that this author chose me to review it!!!

My Grade On This Book:
4 Blossoms


  1. Great review. I glad Scott hit me too. I cant wait to read it.

  2. Stopped in on the hop. I am not crazy about short stories or novellas (with exceptions). It always seems as if the writer hasn't really made a commitment to the story or characters. Or doesn't expect the reader will.
    Come by to check me out - stay to follow. I will be following u!

    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  3. I have not read paranormal romances but I have been hearing about such exciting books offlate that I really think I should start venturing into the paranormal book world.

    Thanks for the review!



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