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Book Review- In My Wildest Dreams

In My Wildest Dreams
(The Governess Brides)
Christina Dodd
Avon, 372 Pages,
Published October 2001
Victorian Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-38081962-1

Since she was a little girl, Celeste has had one burning desire: to marry Ellery Throckmorton. But what chance does a gardener's daughter have of capturing the heart of one of England's wealthiest gentlemen? However, the education she receives at the Distinguished Academy of Governesses enables Celeste to return to Blythe Hall with a refinement that complements her ravishing beauty -- and makes her bold romantic dream more attainable. But alas, temptation gets in the way...

For wherever Celeste turns, it is not Ellery she encounters, but his serious, yet undeniably intriguing, older brother Garrick. The elder Throckmorton will have no one interfere with the younger's impending nuptials, and his meddling infuriates Celeste to no end. Still, she cannot disregard the fluttering of her heart whenever Garrick deigns to smile at her. And the passion she senses smoldering beneath his formidable control is tempting her in a manner a lady must never allow...

My Review:
Celeste Milford has recently returned home from Paris, where she plans on capturing Ellery Throckmorton for her own, whom she has loved. However there is a hitch in that plan, Ellery is engaged to another, so coming as the governess for both Ellery's illegiitimate daughter, and his brother Garrick's daughter as well. Garrick Throckmorton knows that the wedding between his brother and Hyacinth must go through. So when his brother becomes enamored with the beautiful and charming Celeste, he knows he must put a stop to it. Knowing that his brother would never listen to logic or reason, he plans a way to seperate them. So that Ellery can focus on his fiancee and Garrick plans on seducing Celeste in hoping to turn her focus from his brother to himself. So Garrick goes about preventing his brother to be up and about for a few days, hoping to cool his ardor for Celeste. Meanwhile, Garrick goes about with Celeste trying to tempt her his way and into his bed. Even though Celeste thinks she is in love with Ellery, there is something to be said about the desire that swells up between herself and Garrick, whom she finds herself sensually attracted to, one she can't deny.

As much as I enjoyed this one, it had so many similarities to the Movie, Sabrina. If you think about it the plot and what happens between both couples are very familiar. However there is a bit of espionage in this one, that added a sense of mystery and intrigue to the reader. So with that twist, it made it a bit different, however I seemed to be able to know what was going to happen, which kinda ruined the effect for me. I did love the love scenes between Garrick and Celeste, and the witty byplay that goes between the two. There were definitely some laughs, that lightened my mood throughout the book. So even though I enjoyed reading this one, it isn't one of my favorites of Christina Dodd though. Probably because I could almost predict what was going to happen next, and that really is no fun in a book that one has never read before. I will say that this one was very tantalizing and a enjoyable one.

My Grade On This Book
3.5 Blossoms

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  1. I hate books that steal from movies and ignore it. I was nearly ready to give up on a retelling of the Anastasia myth because it paralleled the animated movie so much. O_o I can't wait for your review of The Pirate Lord, considering it got a lot of attention at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for its old cover.

  2. Very interesting. And Celeste fancies two men, nice.;) I haven't read a book by Christina Dodd yet, but I really should.

    P.S. I have an award for you on my blog.



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