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Book Review- Love Bites

Love Bites
Argeneau Series (2)
Lynsay Sands
373 Pages,
Published April 2009
Vampire Romance
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6255-0

Etienne Argeneau's three hundred years of bachelorhood were at an end. Either that, or he'd be forever alone. He could only "turn" one human in his lifetime, and most of his kind reserved that power for creating a life mate. If he turned the wrong woman...But what choice did he have? He had to save Rachel Garrett. He didn't know her very well but the beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers he would make her immortal.


Rachel Garrett awoke surprised. All she'd wanted was to get off the night shift at the morgue; now here she was, staggering to her feet naked and in a strange place. But everything would be all right. She'd just make like a bat out of-- Then she saw the man of her dreams emerging from his...coffin? And the look in his bright silver eyes said they'd be spending a lot of time together. She just hoped he tasted as good as he looked.

My Review:
This is the only one of the Argeneau Series that I hadn't read, and so it was a delight to read. More so than I thought it would.
Rachel Garrett works in the morgue at the hospital, and when a dead man comes in from a gun shot wound, she is to process him. However she finds herself gazing at the most handsome dead man she has ever met. Rachel thinks she must be crazy, to have the hots for someone who is dead. Then when he wakes up, she is more shocked than ever. A little while later another corpse is brought in, a burnt one from a explosion, however she then realizes he is alive, then a crazy man comes in armed with a ax tries to kill the "supposed dead guy" she moves in front of him and saves his life, however her life is now at risk. Etienne knowing that he had no choice turns her, knowing that she had saved his life, and even though he can only turn one person, not yet fully realizing that Rachel is his lifemate. Etienne then takes her to his home for the turning and adjustment that she is going to need to accept the face that she is a Immortal or Vampire. Etienne, has his life threatened by a mortal, but he is resistant to the idea of killing him, he tries to avoid him. However in doing so, he almost killed his lifemate. Now Etienne's worry is whether or not Rachel will come to accept him into her life. Rachel wakes up confused and not believing that this is all real, her being turned a vampire. So at first she tries to treat it like a dream, (which definitely will fill you up with laughter) and when she starts to reallize that this is real, and after realizes Etienne did it to save her life, she then finds herself seeing the man behind what she at first believed him to be "a soulless bloodsucker" and the journey that will bring these two together will surprise and delight you.

I have found that I truly loved reading this, as this is the only one that I haven't read out of the Argeneau Series, and I don't know why I haven't read it yet, I had thought I had read the whole series. But when I saw Love Bites at the Library, the cover didn't look familiar to me, so when I realized I had yet to read Etienne and Rachel's story, I knew I couldn't resist. Rachel cracked me up through the whole thing, but especially at first with her believing that this situation is just a mere dream, from Etienne's family trying to push them together, which was by far amusing yet satisfying in the end. Etienne, oh boy, he sure needed a shove when learning how to woo his lifemate, he makes so many mistakes I felt so bad for him. It was like I wanted to shake him with common sense, but he proved to know how to do things right in the end. It was definitely a piece of cake that is worth tasting, that is pure romance, danger, and a mix of humor that will have you falling off your seat in amusement.

My Grade About This Book
4.5 Blossoms

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