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ARC Book Review-Taken, Not Spurred by Ruth Cardello

Taken, Not Spurred
Lone Star Burn (1)
Ruth Cardello
Montlake Romance
E Book
Published September 2014
Contemporary Romance
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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ruth Cardello comes the steamy debut to the Lone Star Burn series.
Would-be writer Sarah Dery has just turned twenty-five and feels like her life is on hold. She’s done squat with her English degree and is just killing time working for her parents. So, when the opportunity to spend the summer working on a ranch in Texas comes her way, she jumps at the chance—figuring it might be just the jolt she needs to get her creative juices flowing.
Tony Carlton is a handsome and reclusive horse trainer with a tortured past and an eye for trouble, this time in the form of a naked blonde stranger he finds in his shower.
The wrong turn that led Sarah into the arms of this sexy, brooding cowboy turns out to be just what she needed to find her steamy inner voice, but will their connection be enough to break down Tony’s defenses?
My Review

Sarah Dery is a writer, and trying to write a romance together, but needs to get away from the family and pressures of the city, and so she takes a offer from a friend to rest and relax and work on her novel in Texas. When she arrives, she ends up at the wrong ranch, and having Tony Carlton find her in his shower...things don't start off too well, but she ends up staying for a while. Tony Carlton, is a horse trainer, and keeps away from anything that would result in emotion from him. He is reclusive and likes his peace and quiet, and the last thing he expects to find is a strange woman using his shower as her own. From first meeting her, all wet and naked, he just wants to take her to his bed and make love until they are too exhausted to stop. As Sarah and Tony form a relationship of sorts, and Sarah starts getting her heart involved, she starts to realize that it will take more than good sex to get Tony to realize that walking away from Sarah could be the biggest mistake of his life...but will he figure it out in time?

Taken Not Spurred was one wild ride of a romance...set in Texas, we see the more reclusive and country setting, but what a story. I have read quite a few of Ruth Cardello books and I have always enjoyed them. So when I was offered the opportunity to try this one out...I jumped on the band wagon and started delving right into the story. Now we see that this isn't your normal romance. There are many issues that we see, and the author does a great job of have in depth characters that really make the story amazing. What impressed me with this story, was how complex that story ended up being. In the beginning it seems a simple enough plot, girl gets herself lost, boy offers her a place to stay and they fall in love and happily ever after? Nothing so simple in Taken, Not Spurred. Once you really start to get into the story, we see a plot that is never ending, and there is quite a sensual connection between Sarah and Tony, but then once you delve into the emotional side of the relationship...then things really heat up and get complicated. Both Sarah and Tony are stubborn as mules, but Tony is one bull headed mule, and there was some moments of intensity that develops and you start to get to the point where you want to shake him but in a very lovable way.

This story was such fun to see develop and see the way the turn of events got mixed in and really got me hooked from beginning to end. I just couldn't get enough of Tony and Sarah, and this story was written with sensuality and intense feeling, you can't help but fall in love with it. Another win for Ruth Cardello!! Sweet and Sexy Fun!!

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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