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Short ARC Book Review-A Highlander's Heart by Jennifer Haymore

A Highlander's Heart
Highland Knights (1)
Jennifer Haymore
 E Book
Acquired: Netgalley
Published September 2014
120 Pages
Regency Historical Romance
ISBN: B00N70R6O8
Authors Website
 The last time Lady Claire Campbell saw her husband, she was furious...and for good reason. She told him she hated him and never wanted to lay eyes on him again. But now he's gone to fight a brutal battle against Napoleon and the French, and soon it may be too late for her to say she's sorry.

Major Sir Robert Campbell never expected to see his beautiful English wife ever again. So when an apparition in her form appears on the battlefield after the bloody conflict at Waterloo, he's sure she's an angel come to take him to heaven.

Claire remains at her injured husband's side, desperate to find a way to mend their broken marriage. But some wounds go deeper than blows Rob received on the battlefield. And some wounds can never be healed.
My Review

I received a ARC copy in exchange for a honest review 

A Highlander's Heart is a sweet romance, and part of the newest series by Jennifer Haymore. This is a novella, and sets the stage for the series. Major Sir Robert Campbell, is a soldier, and has been fighting the french, and when he gets injured he sees the one person he least expects on the battlefield, his wife, Claire. Claire regrets what has happened in the past with Robert, she loves her husband, and after being apart for almost a year, she is determined to find him and show him of her true feelings and hope that he can forgive her for past mistakes. Then when she finds him injured, here is her chance to love him and prove to him of her devotion.

I found this story to be quite charming, its a short book, and normally I am not a huge fan of novella's, but this was one short yet sweet. It was quick moving, and you have no problem getting into it, but we see how even with a short story Jennifer Haymore can satisfy this reader. This romance was about two people that care for each other, but have been separated through mistakes of the past, and I loved having one of the main aspects of the story be about redeeming each other. As you get further into the story, you see portions of their past, and its heartbreaking at times, but this author weaves of tale of forgiveness and what true love can really do...can heal broken wounds and hearts, and this story is also full of another aspect that sets the stage for the upcoming series "Highland Knights". I am excited to see what is in the future with this series and seeing more of Robert and Claire.

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 


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