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ARC Book Review-A Highland Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

A Highland Wolf Christmas
Heart of the Wolf (15)
Terry Spear
E Book
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Acquired: Netgalley
Published October 2014
320 Pages
Paranormal Romance
ISBN:  9781402293764
Authors Website 
Financial advisor Guthrie MacNeill isn’t a complete Scrooge—he just hates the enormous cost associated with the Christmas holiday season. Needless to say, when his pack hires a party planner to decorate the castle, he’s at his wit’s end. Until Calla Stewart arrives on the scene with her mistletoe in hand.

Calla has never had a client as difficult as Guthrie, but she’s determined to give the pack a Christmas season they will never forget—no matter how much it costs. But when her ex-fiancé begins stalking her and threatening her safety, Guthrie decides to loosen his grip on the purse strings and let out his inner Hig
hland warrior wolf to protect her.
My Review

I received a ARC in return for a honest review.

Calla is a event and wedding planner, and has a job with Guthrie MacNeil, in making their Christmas celebration the best one yet. Calla has always felt a attraction to Guthrie, and even though she has recently left her fiancee, she can't resist Guthrie and the attraction that has always been there. Guthrie is still suffering from a relationship gone bad, even though he cares for Calla, the last thing he wants to risk is falling in love with her and wanting her for his mate than have to lose her again. But as events progress closer to Christmas, Calla's Fiancee begins stalking her and making threats, and the tight control that Guthrie has on himself becomes harder to control when he realizes that his mate's life is being threatened and will do everything in his will power to protect her.

A Highland Wolf Christmas is the fifteenth of the series and if you are looking for a sizzling yet sweet holiday story with some sexy highlanders who love sword fighting, enticing brogues and wearing kilts everywhere you go, this story is for you. I think I definitely wouldn't mind re reading this in a couple more months. It had everything you look for for a fun paranormal holiday romance that will warm you up on a cold winter's night. I really loved having Calla and Guthrie being together, especially in one of the previous books we see more background on the breakup of Calla's engagement, and seeing the attraction between Calla and Guthrie, and then to have this story pick up, and focus on their relationship that centers around the holiday season.

Guthrie is the financial whiz of the clan, he has been the one to save the clan from financial crisis, and is nit picky about money. Guthrie is the type of man, to shield himself from more hurt. In the beginning he is hesitant to begin anything with Calla, seeing history repeat himself, and he will end up hurt once again. Guthrie is the type to put his heart and soul into a relationship. Calla is dedicated to her work and career, but she also makes time for family.  Calla is passionate and goes after what she wants. She is a she wolf, and a fighter, and when she sees Guthrie in her sights, she sees the type of man he is underneath his brooding exterior. This was such a delightful pair, there was such a strong connection that you see from the beginning, and you just want to cheer for them for the whole story. There was such a feeling of chemistry that emerges within every page that jumps out at you and clings to the reader and keeps you ever engaged.

Overall a winner of a paranormal romance!! I have adored what Terry Spear has done with this series, especially the past few books in dealing with sexy highlander that are wolf shifters....I mean seriously, can it get any better than that? This tale is packed with action packed scenes, rich filled characters, stunning detail, and a fun romp of a romance that is rewarding and a page turner to remember!! INCREDIBLY WELL DONE!!

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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