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Book Feature and Author Interview-Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

Men devoting themselves to their true love through the art of courtly love is the ultimate in romance. Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors is filled with wild knights and Scottish warriors whose courage on the battlefield is outmatched only by their ardor for their ladyloves! Readers will unleash their fantasies of olden days where men wearing heavy armor or thick tartans sent a spirited young maiden’s (or lonely widow’s) heart fluttering. These bravehearts were prized for their physical strength and men were judged for their fierce loyalty and unshakeable honor. Crusaders, highlanders, Normans and Saxons, tournament fighters, vikings, and hunky Huns astride stallions in search of adventure and love all populate the pages of this steamy read.

Author Interview

Hello There Delilah!! Welcome to the blog!! It is so great having you here! So tell us five random facts about yourself?

1. I collect snails—not live, but crystal, stone, ceramic, etc. They remind me of the only joke I can ever remember: “What does the snail say as it rides the turtle’s back? Whee!”

2. I was once nearly kidnapped and sold into the slave trade while I lived in Germany back in the days when I was a very cute, skinny blonde.

3. My favorite dish is a Mexican soup called menudo. It’s a very spice dish made of tripe and hominy. Sounds nasty, I know, but OMG is it good.

4. A Kuwaiti man tried to arrange a marriage between me (then 35 years old) and his 10-year-old son.

5. I’m a complete occult nerd. Half of my library is filled with books on mythology, witchcraft, spells, grimoires, and demonology books.

I see that you have written quite a few published works, so what inspired you to write romances?

Everyone who knows me would tell you I live in a dream world. I’m oblivious to things around me, only see the happy, am always smiling even when things can seem dismal for others. I see possibilities rather than problems. Is it any wonder I’m attracted to stories with happy endings?

So do you have a favorite story that you have written, or what are you currently working on and what is it about?

I do have a current favorite. And it’s not a long story. In fact it’s very, very short. It’s called “Still” and I can’t tell you anything about it because the book it’s in, Love, Lust and Zombies, won’t release until next summer. I made myself cry with that one...

What do you find the hardest or easiest part about writing? 
Um, yeah. Finding things I want to write about—easy. Settling on one idea to pursue and actually putting words on the screen—hard.

Do you have a favorite character that just sings to you? Tell us more about him/her.
 Probably Caitlyn O’Connell from Shattered Souls and Lost Souls. She’s very like my daughter. Grumpy and sarcastic, but with a very big heart, she tries to protect herself by rejecting those around her first. Oh, and she’s a witch.

Do you have a favorite genre you like to read for fun?

I love great world-building, whether it’s magical realms or times gone by. So, I’d have to choose light historical romance and dark paranormal/futuristic romance.

If you could travel anytime, anywhere, when and where would that be and why?

A million years from now in a galaxy far, far away. I really wish I could see the sort of off-world adventures Earthlings will have.

Do you have any go to authors or books you love to read?

Most of my reading is non-fiction—SEAL missions, real spy novels, Greek, Norse, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology. But when I find a day to settle in a chair and I reach for a “comfort” book, I choose one of Julie Garwood’s historicals, Johanna Lindsey’sWarrior’s Woman, or Linda Howard’s Mackenzie’s Mountain.

What is the thing you couldn’t ever live without?

Coffee. Uh, chocolate. I can’t choose!

What would be a dream getaway for you and who would you bring with you?

I’ve been dreaming of going to Iceland with my daughter and her family. I’d love to swim in the thermal pools, whale watch, observe a volcano close up... And yes, see all those living descendents of  Vikings!

Do you have an all time favorite movie that has inspired you and just gives you tingles?

It’s so hard to choose. But I will admit, the one movie I can never pass by when I’m surfing the channels is Die Hard.

About Deliliah: The Greatest sin is driving between the lines, because it’s comfortable and safe. Her personal journey has taken her through one war and many countries, cultures, jobs, and relationships to bring her to the place where she is now—writing sexy adventures that hold more than a kernel of autobiography and often share a common thread of self-discovery and transformation.

Delilah Devlin is a prolific and award-winning author of erotica and erotic romance with a rapidly expanding reputation for writing deliciously edgy stories with complex characters. Whether creating dark, erotically-charged paranormal worlds or richly descriptive historical stories that ring with authenticity, Delilah Devlin “pens in uncharted territory that will leave the readers breathless and hungering for more…” (Paranormal Reviews) Ms. Devlin has published over eighty erotic stories in multiple genres and lengths.

She is published by Avon, Black Lace, Kensington, Harlequin, Atria/Strebor, Cleis Press, Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, and in 2011, Berkley.

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