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Short Book Review-The Governess Club:Bonnie by Ellie MacDonald

Title: The Governess Club: Bonnie
Author: Ellie Macdonald 
Series: Governess Club 
Format: E Book 
Publisher: Avon 
Release Date: September 17 2013 
Pages: 192 
Acquired: Self Bought (B&N)
Genre: Regency Historical Romance 
ISBN: 9780062292247

Synopsis (Goodreads)
Miss Bonnie Hodges, governess to the Darrow family, is desperately trying to hold it together. Tragedy has struck, and she is the sole person left to be strong for the two little boys in her care. When the new guardian arrives, she hopes that things will get better. She wasn't expecting her new employer to be the most frustrating, overbearing, and…handsome man she's ever seen.

Sir Stephen Montgomery is utterly distracted. He should be trying to figure out how his two best friends were killed in a suspicious accident and why the new young viscount seems destined to be the next victim. But he can't concentrate on anything but his growing infatuation with the beautiful, mysterious, and utterly captivating governess.

Together they're doing their best to save the two boys, but will Stephen's feelings for Bonnie get in the way of their search for a killer?

My Review

This is the second book of the series, and I have enjoyed this series...its has been jolly good fun. I adore governess romances, and this one was quite entertaining and had a aspect of mystery mixed in with the story that added a sense of intrigue and suspense. The story is about a governess, who is over two little boys, whose parents have died in a horrible accident, and their guardian is Sir Stephen Montgomery. Stephen was the father's best friend, and is now guardian over two boys and learning about the death of his two closest friends. When certain events lead him to think that his friends death was no accident, and that there is foul play around them, involving poison and cut saddles, he has no choice but to use every knowledge he has to find the culprit, and meanwhile he is drawn to the governess: Bonnie. A woman of poise and a sweet nature.

One thing that I really liked about this installment, was the connection that we see between Bonnie and Stephen...they definitely have some sparks flying around them, but I also enjoyed the aspect of her connection to the two little boys, the romance was steady and slow and we see quite a deep development on the emotional with a balance of the physical portion of their relationship. It was quite a ride, seeing Bonnie's spunky nature and Stephen's rakish behavior clash and merge together.  I also felt like that the way that this author builds this story up, with the development of characters and the story line, we have a love story that is bound to pull at your heartstrings. ENDEARING!!
Favorite Quotes
"I don't understand it, sir" Henry continued "How can a girl not like horses? Or frogs. I tried to give Elizabeth Talbot my pet frog and all she did was scream and run away?"
"Henry, the first thing you need to know about women is that they are not mean"
"What does that mean?"
"It means that men will be men and ladies will be ladies. They like different things than us and we will never understand the appeal of thing they like."
"And they don't like frogs or hoses?"
"They like flowers and ribbons and teas and dances and pretty words. Men like horses and frogs and boxing mills and Scotch. We give ladies the flowers, ribbons, and pretty words because that's the only way we can get them to like us."
 Stephen stood, straightened his coat, and handed his hat for her to hold. "About what we were speaking a few moments ago? There is something I want you to be aware of."
"There's more?" Her voice full of dismay and distress.
He looked at her intently, leaning towards her to rest his hands on the back of the bench, boxing her in between his arms. He put his mouth next to her ear. " I disagree that we would be disastrous."
"I am a simple man, Bonnie lass. I have never learned the intricacies of relationships with the fairer sex. I cannot give you romance, I cannot give you pretty words. I will try, if that is what you desire, bit it is not my forte. But I can give you a home, ensure you have enough food and clothing and coal for the winter, and will do the same for our children. I can give you my respect, my fidelity, and my devotion; I firmly believe in marriage vows and will not stray from my wife.
"For what is is worth, I do love you. I am not entirely sure what that means, but I cannot explain how I felt when you left. I do not have the words. I want you, Bonnie lass, I want you in my life in every possibly way I can imagine. My soul aches to have you in my life. "
My Rating

4 Blossoms

Heat Level


Series Order
Claire (1)
Bonnie (2)
Sara (3)
Louisa (4)

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