Monday, November 17, 2014

Quote Tastic (21) A Floor Plan

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My Candidate For The Week
One Night With The Prince is a stunning romance...a heroine that carries a pistol and isn't afraid to use it. Poses as a mistress and ends up falling in love with the rake of rakes. Sensual and riveting. 

Lord help her, she didn’t care where Byrne took her. Let hellfire consume her and the devil steal her soul. Because any hell with Byrne in it was better than a heaven without him. 
“Oh, for pity’s sake,” she muttered, but stopped fighting him. After a moment of enduring the indignity of having his hands on her, she snapped, 
“My pistol is in my reticule, which is sitting in Lord Draker’s drawing room. All right?” 
The woman was a walking arsenal. 
“All right.” 
He released her, not because of what she’d said, but because running his hands over her petite but surprisingly womanly figure had perversely aroused him. He didn’t want her to know it, however—the female was liable to shoot off his cock for its impertinence.” 
“So, Byrne, did you and Christabel get lost on the way down? Perhaps we should send you a floor plan for next time. The drawing room is the one that doesn't have a bed.”

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