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Book Review-When Passion Calls

When Passion Calls
Cassie Edwards
Leisure Books
E Books
Published December 1991
448 Pages
American West Historical Romance
ISBN: 0-8439-3265-1
Author's Website

Heartbreakingly lovely, Melanie Stanton had been promised to Josh Brennan for as long as she could remember. But marriage was the last thing on her mind until Josh's long-lost twin returned to take his rightful place raising Texas longhorns on the family's vast spread.

Shane was as different from his brother as two men could possibly be. Raised by the Chippewa, he was as wild as the untamed frontier, as savagely virile as Josh was spoiled and weak. And Shane's intimate caresses aroused a white-hot desire she had never known in Josh's arms. Their love was forbidden, but Melanie knew that when passion calls, the heart must obey.
My Review
When Melanie's father dies, and leaves the land and the cattle business to both herself and her brother equally, she never expected that her brother would turn on her, and change right before her eyes. She knows that there is a real possibility that she will have to marry Josh, their next door neighbor. But then she meets his twin brother, Shane, who arouses her and makes her feel alive. Shane, when he was four years old, watched his mother being murdered and he was found by a indian who took him into his tribe, and was raised like an Indian, and it is the only way of life he has ever known. But when the tribe chief dies suddenly, the new chief asks him to leave and go back to his father and brother who are still alive. So Shane decides that it is time to move on with his life, and find his family. On his way he comes across a young woman with a zest for life and her passion only rivals his own. For the first time he has found a woman that he could start a new life with, and to be the man he was born to be.

My Thoughts 
When Passion Calls is a ebook I was able to borrow from Open Library. I do love a good native american romance, and I found this one to be at the top of my list especially from this author. I have enjoyed being able to read form this author over the years. She has a way with her writing that instantly draws you into her stories.

When Passion Calls starts out with the tragedy that changes Shane's life. When he see's his mother being killed, he has vowed to himself for vengeance. Ever since he has been hunting this man that caused so much grief and loss on his family. I really enjoyed the tender relationship that builds between the two. Melanie, I found to be a endearing character, and I grew to really like her as a heroine. I did find that their "falling in love" happened a bit too quick for my taste, but as the story progressed even further their relationship seemed to be more real to me. I really enjoyed seeing how Melanie is very protective of Shane, even though there are times when it is her that needs it. There was such a sweet poignancy to the story, that only made it that much sweeter. The plot was full of a variety of intrigue and suspense, and a bit of a mystery that totally boggled my mind in the end. I found that there was a side of sweetness to the story that almost broke my heart. There was such a strong connection between Melanie and Shane, one we see that only gets stronger and more vitalized especially when the danger to them only increases, and it was a joy to see this couple become stronger despite the setbacks.

 There was a intensity to the story as well, and I enjoyed the small different aspects to the story, that in the end made for a Stellar read. A job well done and can't wait to read more from this author!!! Overall a outstanding written story that is bound to take you on a journey of love and adventure!!

First Line 
The sun was slow in the sky, casting orange reflections upon two fifty-foot keelboats making their way up the Mississippi river. 

Favorite Quote 
Slowly, Shane drew her lips to his mouth, then kissed her with fire. Melanie was catapulted into a world of spinning sensations that flooded her whole body. She was not even aware of being lowered to the ground; that Shane was still kissing her and holding her was all that mattered. Nothing could be sweeter or more beautiful. He was the world...the universe...He was her every breath. 

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 


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