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Book Review-the Heart of a Hero

The Heart Of A Hero
Spellbound Falls (4)
Janet Chapman
Mass Market Paperback
Published March 2013
359 Pages
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-515-15320-0
Author's Website
New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman welcomes her fans back to Spellbound Falls, where no one is immune to the magical powers of love…

Originally from the ancient mythical island of Atlantis, Nicholas has spent the last year deep in the mountains of Maine, serving as Director of Security for the Nova Mare and Inglenook resorts. Fully embracing his life in the twenty-first century, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to a trouble-prone employee, and is determined to keep her safe.

The last thing Julia Campbell needs is a man with a hero complex, especially one as handsome and imposing as Nicholas. All she has to do is keep it together until her younger sister turns eighteen, and then she can focus on her own life. But strange things have been happening at the resort—and it’s Nicholas who keeps coming to her rescue. When Nicholas is suddenly the one in trouble, Julia realizes he’s not quite what he seems—and that she’ll do anything to help the man who’s stolen her heart…
My Review
Nicholas, as the director of security takes his job very seriously. When he see's a young lone woman in need of his help, he is more than willing to help a lass in distress. He never expects that Julia would have such a secretive nature, and he finds her very intriguing and can't help but want to pursue her, but it baffles him that she keeps running away from him every time he tries to get close to her. Julia, is determined to get herself and her sister out of their father's house as soon as possible. Her father tends to be abusive at times, and Julia is the only one able to really protect her sister. But her sister still has to turn eighteen before she can go to college, and so Julia can work on getting a stable job and being financially free of burdens. When she first meets Nicholas he practically forces her into his truck to drive her home, but when he ends up kissing her, she is embarrassed beyond belief. However when he pursues her like a dog hunting for a bone, she knows she may be in deep trouble. Nicholas is the "hero" type, always out trying to rescue others. Nicholas plans on keeping Julia to his side and show her what a real man is, and desires her to fully love him.

My Thoughts 
As soon as Heart of a Hero showed up on the library shelves, I snatched it right up, I was so excited to get a chance to read Nicholas's story. There is a certain magic touch to Chapman's story, and I just have fallen madly in love with her most recent series. Ever since I took my first class at college, I have been so fascinated with mythology and its so great when you see certain authors incorporate it into their stories.

I have found that the Spellbound series, has a perfect blend of mythology and romance...that makes for a enchanting read. It first starts out with Nicholas being the hero for Julia, and practically picks her up bodily and forces her to take a ride home with him instead of riding her bike, which isn't exactly a short distance away. Nicholas I found to be a very likable character. He never gives up on Julia, even though she keeps running away from him. Julia once left the mountain when she got married but she came back a whole different person, divorced and struggling to protect her sister. I found Julia to become endearing but she could be so stubborn at times. I did enjoy Julia though, she seemed to be the kind of heroine you find you can relate with easily. Julia hasn't had it easy in any way but It was such fun to see these two struggle into their relationship. It definitely was full of a mountain of problems, the least of which being Nicholas's heritage. There was also so many little things about this story that only made it for a easy and tender love story that can easily capture your heart. It has been wonderful reading this series, and see each book just get even better and better. We still see other characters that are involved in this couple as well, which is also a delight. I found Nicholas and Julia to be perfect for each other for a variety of reasons. One if they both are too stubborn by half, so they deserve each other. They each are willing to fight for those that they love, and even though in the beginning their relationship gets to a bumpy start, we see how these two come together when it really matters.   

Overall it seemed to make for a magic story that is full of a witty dialogue, charming characters, a plot to take you on a exciting ride, and a love story to enthrall you. A delihtful read that is not to be missed out on!!! Brilliantly done!!!! A truly unmatched story that is beyond memorable!!! A Must Read!

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

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