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Book Review-To Catch A Bride

To Catch A Bride
Devil Riders (3)
Anne Gracie
Berkley Sensation
Mass Market Paperback
Published September 2009
308 Pages
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0-425-23022-0
Author's Website 
It was the perfect excuse to delay a dreaded marriage of convenience?head off on an exotic journey to track down a young lady missing in Egypt for six years. Rafe Ramsey, son of the Earl of Axebridge, is utterly besotted when he finally locates the beautiful and spirited Ayisha, who has taken a new name. But a mysterious past has made it impossible for her to return to England, and she is on the run from something far more serious than an unwanted betrothal.
My Review

Ayisha, has lived in Egypt for most of her life, but when she was thirteen years old, her parents died and was left on her own. Now she is nineteen years old, and hides herself from others disguised as a boy. Only two people in her life knows about who she really is. She knows that every day she is being hunted and must make sure to conceal herself. But then a stranger, an Englishmen, comes to town looking for someone who looks just like her.  She ends up being caught in his snare, finding out that he only has good intentions. When it becomes clear that she must leave her life in Egypt and go to England to see her only living relative, her grandmother. Rafe, desperate to get a break from his life in England, is more than happy to retrieve Ayisha back to England where she truly belongs. Only he never thought she would turn his world upside down, and he finds that this innocent and beautiful young woman is everything he ever could have hoped for.

The Hero (Rafe Ramsey)
Rafe as the youngest son, knows that  he will have to enter into a marriage of convenience. He knows that soon he will have to marry a woman he barely knows, so when Ayisha's grandmother comes to him for his help; he is more than willing to retrieve her missing granddaughter. When he comes to Egypt however, he is wondering how he will ever find her. When he does he is surprised to discover her enchanting personality that endears him to her even more. Before long, he knows that he wants her as his wife, the problem is convincing her to agree.

The Heroine (Ayisha Cleeve)
Ayisha, lost her parents to the plague when she was thirteen years old. The past six years so has been living on the streets, on her own for the most part. She knew that she would be sold as a slave if she didn't disguise herself as a boy. So for these past years only two people in the world know of her true identity. When a stranger comes into the city, she knows that everything she has ever known is being threatened.

My Thoughts 
To Catch A Bride is the third addition in the Devil Riders Series. I have to say that every time I read from this author, I have enjoyed her immensely. There is something unique to the way she puts together a story. This story was a little bit different than the others I have read from her so far. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. When I read the blurb, it sounds interesting, but I had hoped I would be able to get into the story. When I started reading To Catch A Bride, it took a few chapters, but after that I was able to be fully entranced into the story. There was quite a bit of development on the character side of things. Rafe, is splendid and magnificent and doesn't shy away from anything. He can be very bold and daring when he needs to be. There was something so charming about Rafe, I found him to be a very likeable character. Ayisha could be endearing at times and had some charming qualities, but I found her to be a bit lacking. But for the most part, Ayisha could be a character that you find yourself able to relate to on any level. She has flaws but she also is spirited and lively at times, and there certain times when I was cheering her on. The plot did have some elements of adventure and intigue that can hold you to your seat. This story is a very lively ride with elements to the story that could be deeply emotional and riveting. A fantastic read that will warm your heart.

First Line 
A whip cracked, shattering the stillness of the icy landscape.

Favorite Quote 
"What are you doing?"Rafe demanded as she rolled herself in the blanket. 
"Isn't it obvious?"She lay down.
"No, its extremely tedious." He got off the bed with a long suffering expression 
"I don't care if you lie beside me on the floor," she told him, "I won't be tricked a second time, and you won't be able to stand it on the floor for long." She closed her eyes. 
"I have no intention of lying on the floor beside you. Its much nicer on the bed," he said "See?" And taking the corners of her blanket he lifted her straight onto the bed. One flip and she rolled right out of the blanket. 
He slid into bed beside her. "That's better," he said, and when she opened her mouth to complain he simply leaned forward and kissed her. 

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In The Series 
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  1. That scene looks cute! :) I don't think I've read this author before. What do you recommend?



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