Monday, January 12, 2015

Quote Tastic (30) TAKE!

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My Candidate For The Week

Gram elbowed her. “Good grief, they’re coming toward us. Look at those broad shoulders and hairy legs. I’m not drooling, am I ?” 
She pulled her shoulders back and thrust out her chest. She lowered her chin to talk to her breasts. “Look perky, girls. Sexy hunks at two o’clock.” 
 “Would you please behave?” 
“I was afraid of you before, but I’m not now.” Something primal in him snapped. The urge to inhale her beguiling scene until he lines his lungs with it, so he’d always breathe in her essence, was so strong his male instinct overrode his restraint. The bear in him roared. TAKE! He backed her against the wall, his arms caging her forearms over her head. 
 “Is that so, lassie?” Chest to chest, thigh to thigh, his gaze bore into her shocked eyes. 
“Aye, ye’d do well to be afraid of me, for I want ye naked, beneath me like never desired another woman before.”

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