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Tasty Tours: Interview and Giveawy-Various States Of Undress

Title: Various States Of Undress 
Author: Laura Simcox 
Series: Various States of Undress 
Format: E pub 
Publisher: Avon Books 
Release Date: January 6 2015 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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Laura Simcox concludes her fun, flirty Various States of Undress series with a presidential daughter, a hot baseball player, and a tale of love at the ballgame.

Forget being the president's daughter—Georgia Fulton is certain that she's on her way to journalistic stardom. Nothing's going to keep her from getting the story of her young career—a feature on sexy ballplayer Brett Knox … nothing except Brett, that is. Arrogantly charming and hotter than a Memphis summer, he's doing everything he can to distract her. He may be the focus of her assignment, but getting too close to him could cost her everything … including her heart.

Brett Knox, star player for the Memphis Redbirds, is determined to get to the big leagues—which means no distractions. Certainly not in the form of a sexy brunette who won't take no for an answer. As far as Brett's concerned, his life story isn't up for discussion—no matter how fast Georgia makes his heart race. But with everything on the line, he's got no choice but to trust her. If only he can trust himself … not to fall head over heels for the one girl completely out of his league.

My Review

Geogia Fulton, is one of the three daughter of the President, and is dedicated to her dream of being a journalist. On her internship, she is assigned to a sports feature on Brett Knox. Georgia has always had a weakness for sports players, but when she meets Brett she knows she is in deep trouble. Brett, is on his way to big leagues and  making the dream of his career, but when he learns that the one woman he has had a crush on Georgia Fulton for years, is the woman to interview him and learn the secrets of his past, he knows that he isn’t sure if his heart will keep from being involved. Georgia and Brett have instant chemistry, but their careers are clashing, and secrets are bound to come out…but will they find a common balance or lose a future together…

This is the first book that I have read from this author…and what a story! I had such a fun time with this one. For a little while I have seen previous books of this series pop up with stellar reviews and high rating, and since of late I have been getting into sports romances, I was so delighted when I was given the opportunity to participate in this blog tour and have the chance to try this author out. I really had a difficult time putting this one down. There was such a fun flirty tone to the story that really pulled me in, and I loved the whole aspect of ball player and president daughter together…definitely a different set up and one I truly reveled in. 

This story starts off with seeing these two have a high attraction to each other, but their chemistry is pretty hot, and they seemed to have a connection to each other, and despite where their careers are leading them, and the cirucmstances that have brought them together. Brett is on his way to the big leagues and becoming a famous ball player just like his brother, but there are secrets from his past he wants to just keep hidden. Georgia has her orders, to find whatever she can on Brett, but the more time that they spend together, the more she realizes that Brett is honest and good, the more she decides that she will have to make a choice her career or Brett in her life.

These two were so right for each other, and their families see it right away even before they do. It was quite hoot of fun seeing these two figure things out, and it definitely isn’t done in a classy way. They really struggle with some inner pasts and demons, but they had a solid connection and the way this story was written, you can’t help but find yourself cheering for them all the way. Both characters were fun and spirited, and just watching these two, kept me energized while reading, and I just love it when stories give you that feeling and it definitely won me over from beginning to end….this pair is a personal favorite of the year, and I just am itching to read the previous books in the series. 

Overall a fun and sweet toned romance that will have you salivating from every pore in delight, a romance too charming for words! BEYOND EXPECTATIONS!!

Author Interview
Q I see that you have written quite a few published works, so what inspired you to write romances?

A: Reading romance inspired me to write romance! I have been reading romance since I was twelve, and I combined that with a love of creating stories. My former professional life was in Theater, so that added another creative element. Writing romance is the most logical--and happiest--thing I could do for a living.

Q: Do you have a favorite genre you like to read for fun?

A: REGENCY ROMANCE! Hands down. I love to be transported to a specific world with a familiar setting. One that's easy to visualize...with witty heroines and swoony-worthy heroes in tight pants and tall boots. Love it!

Q: What do you find the hardest or easiest part about writing?

A: Hardest: That would be second guessing my choices. I'm incredibly aware that I'm writing for readers first. The most important thing to me? That readers feel my stories are worth their time. I want them to be happy with my stories...I want my characters to be relate-able, but still be utterly romantic. No cheap tricks--just great stories. That's what I strive for with every book.

Q: What is the thing you couldn't ever live without?

A: The ability to travel. I love experiencing different cultures almost as much as I love creating new worlds for my stories. I don't have a fortune to travel to exotic places, but I've been to enough places already to want to see more!!

Q: What are a few facts about yourself no one would guess?

A: I sing in a church choir. The day I got married, it was 100 degrees, so I took off my stockings and threw them in the trash before walking down the aisle. I can add up a full cart of groceries in my head and come within a couple of bucks. I have a nineteen year old cat who hates everyone but me. I'm pretty good at Mario Kart.
About Laura Simcox

After spending years in professional theater as a costume designer, Laura Simcox eased out of the hectic whirlwind of opening nights and settled in a comfy desk chair to write romance. She believes that life is too short not to appreciate heartwarming, quirky humor and her novels are lighthearted journeys into the happily-ever-after. She lives in North Carolina with her true love and adorable little son.

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