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Book Review-Eden's Promise

Eden's Promise
Cassie Edwards
Mass Market Paperback
Published July 1989
470 Pages
Piracy Historical Romance
ISBN 0-8439-2780-1
Author Website
Beautiful, wild-eyed and golden-haired, Eden Whitney was the most delectable woman Zach Tyson had ever found trussed up in the hold of his pirate ship. As dangerous and turbulent as the dark seas he sailed, Zach knew a priceless treasure when he saw one --and he had no intention of sharing the plunder with his men. One taste of Eden and he knew he had found his own private paradise of love.
My Review
I am a huge fan of Cassie Edwards, her stories are always so classic and I love every moment. Edwards has a certain writing style that is captivating and draws your attention to the story without letting go. I was able to obtain a copy of Eden's Promise through Open Library. So I put it under Paperback in the form I read it, because its kinda both a paperback and e book. Let me explain, with open library, these aren't e book editions of the book. They are scanned directly from the book. So you see the real pages, the color of the pages, and its almost like reading a paperback. For those of you, who haven't tried Open Library, you are missing out. There is so much selection especially if you like Zebra historical's as I do. There is quite a few of Edward's book on this site, way more than you will find in the Nook or Kindle store. So I always take advantage of it, since Cassie is one of my favorites to read from. I usually have read her for her Native American Historical's, but I have found her other stories that aren't Indian based, are brilliantly done.

Now I will do a short summary of this book, since the synopsis doesn't exactly tell much about it. It actually begins with Zach and Eden meeting on a dirt road, where Eden's wheel on her buggy gets damaged, Zach helps her take her into town to get the wheel fixed. Instantly a spark ignites, and they are instantly drawn to each other. We see a strong bond that quickly forms (and very fast I would say). Zach is a ex pirate, who is trying to make a new life for himself, and when he sees Eden, he knows he is far gone. He falls mad for her quickly, and starts to court her, even though he knows there is a danger to himself in being caught as a pirate. Eden has no men interests until Zach comes into her life, and even though she doesn't know if she can trust him, she wants to. Then Zach gets into a spot of trouble, and in order to free himself from Jail, he must agree to kill his old mentor, friend and Pirate; Captain Jack. He reluctantly agrees knowing he can never have a normal life until he does. Then he finds Eden bound and gagged in the hold of his ship, and must reveal the whole truth to her. With a dangerous mission he is torn between keeping her at his side, or returning her to safety.

Zach is actually a good hearted man, and I found myself drawn to him instantly. He is kind and generous and doesn't resemble the "Pirate males" you usually get familiar with, in historical romances. He was sold into becoming a pirate, and then decided he wanted more out of his life. He wants a family, and to have some land and to live out his life in the area he grew up in. I enjoyed seeing how gentle and understanding he is with Eden, but when the situation calls for it, he can be tough as nails. He is protective and possessive at times, but in a way that isn't smothering. A found it to be a good balance for Zach. Eden I liked for the most part, she could have had a bit more spine and been a bit more self aware. I did like how she responds to Zach. Their connection starts fast, a little too fast. The one thing I didn't like is how they were "in love" at the beginning of the story. I like a steady progressive plot towards a romance, and I don't mind the "love at first sight" but this story had it a bit too hurried for my taste. I didn't really feel their connection until late in the book, when conflict escalates quite a bit and puts a challenge to the characters.

Overall I found myself enjoying this story quite a bit. And even though there is the main love story between Zach and Eden, there are two sub plot love stories as well, which I felt fit nicely into the story. It didn't seem to be overly much, and with this being a stand alone novel, it worked better than I thought it would when I started it. There is a solid development in the plot, about 1/3 way through, and it starts to really grab your attention. Its a easy and quick read, but in my opinion there could have been a bit more of substance in the first part of the book.  A fun dramatic love story that equaled to a enjoyable read that is one you can enjoy in this beautiful summer season.

First Line 
Lurid streaks of lighting flashed brightly against the dark scudding clouds; whitecaps in the ocean rose and fell with the wind. 

Favorite Quote 
"Make love to me, darling," he whispered, tracing the outline of her lips with his tongue "Love me with all your heart."

My Grade 
4 Blossoms

Heat Rating 


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