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Book Review-Outlaw Seduction

Outlaw Seduction
Women of the West (2)
Kathryn Hockett
E Book
Published December 1992
432 Pages
Western Historical Romance
ISBN 0821739905
Author Website
In desperate need of money, bounty hunter Bliss Harrison was overjoyed by the wanted poster for Travis La Mont. She'd get two hundred dollars for catching him---and even though Travis was a well-known lady-killer, Bliss was certain she could ignore his charms long enough to collect the reward! Yet after she captured the square-jawed handsome outlaw and gazed into his smoldering dark eyes, Bliss was no longer certain of anything...Travis was devastatingly seductive, dangerously passionate; and when his clever sweet talk lured her into tasting his heated kisses and savoring his loving, Bliss felt her resolve trembling along with her desire filled heart.

He was trapped. Held captive at gunpoint by a flame-haired vixen who delighted in having caught him as naked as a jay-bird. Travis La Mont was innocent of robbing that bank, but how was he going to convince this feisty bounty hunter? He knew how to charm women, but one wrong move now and he'd get more than a slap in the face--he'd get a bullet in the back. Yet, despite the danger, Travis was captivated by her boldness and her lush beauty. And when he finally took her in his muscular embrace and felt the storm of passion raging inside her, Travis knew that loving Bliss would be exactly that--pure bliss--and worth any consequences!
My Review
 I found a digital copy of this book through Open Library (which I would recommend to everyone that likes free books to read :) and especially if you happen to like the Zebra Historical Romances, there is quite a bit of a selection. This is also the first time I have read from this author, and I was very impressed. I was looking forward to this type of scenario. A strong willed woman, willing to do whatever it takes to survive. I loved how the plot takes a few twists and turns that only ends up keeping the reader transfixed on the story and was quite a exciting story. It had twists and turns that ended up totally satisfying my interest completely.

Travis is a newspaper man and when following a story, he ends up being falsely accused of taking part of a bank robbery. So he flees as fast as he can, knowing he must escape and get his name cleared. While on the run, he finds refuge in a cave, but then finds himself a prisoner of a woman named Bliss holding a gun at him. He doesn't know whether to take her seriously or not, but hopes he will be able to find a way to escape if he can't convince her of his innocence. Bliss, when reading the notice of a $200 reward for capture of a known killer, Travis La Mont. Having experience in trapping and being a bounty hunter for animals, she knows she stands a solid chance at capturing him. When she does manage to capture him, she finds herself for the first time feeling a sensual desire for Travis, one she has never felt before. She stays away from men, but Travis makes her feel desired and feminine. Even though he claims to be innocent, she doubts him, but she starts to doubt herself, and wonders if Travis really is innocent, and suspects that there may be something foul afoot, but she will have to discover it herself.

Travis may be known as a City Slicker, but he grew up on a farm, and I found him to be a delightful addition to the story. Travis is more of a "beta" character, his strengths lay more in his mind, but he can be very protective at times, and more than a little stubborn. Bliss was a fun character, and I really enjoyed her as the heroine. Very passionate and strong willed, and fully independent, and isn't afraid of anything. She fights for what she loves, and I felt like Bliss and Travis were a solid match for each other.

It has been a while since I have enjoyed a book so much. When I picked Outlaw Seduction up I could hardly put it down. I do love stories that capture you from page one. This story definitely had me tied up in knots, and kept me entertained until the very end. I enjoyed seeing the main characters interact and see how they connected, and the setting was one of my favorites. I do have a weakness for westerns especially when there is a spicy romance story involved. There is quite a mystery that is involved in the story, and keeps you guessing 'what is going to happen next?' It had a certain dramatic flair, but not overly done, I felt it was smoothly balanced with the plot. A FANTASTIC READ!!! I am excited to read more from this author.

My Grade 
4 Blossoms 
Heat Rating 
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