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ARC Book Review-All Out Of Love

All Out Of Love
Cupid (2)
Lori Wilde
E Book
Published June 2013
384 Pages
Contemporary Western Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-221896-4
Author's Website
The second book in a dazzling new Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde. Welcome to Cupid, where every wish for love comes true…

For years, a small group of women in Cupid, TX, led by Millie Greenway, have taken it upon themselves to keep the Cupid legend alive. Now Millie has roped her four disbelieving granddaughters into joining the cause.

Lace Bettingfield knows for a fact that the Cupid legend is bogus. As a shy sixteen-year-old, she left a letter at the statue and got nothing in return but heaps of embarassment when her letter ended up printed in the school newspaper. But now the boy she longed for is back in town and Lace can't help wondering...what if?
My Review 

After reading the first in the series, and really enjoying it, I was excited for All Out of Love, which is Lace's story. It pretty much picks off from the last book. I found it to be one of my top favorite contemporaries. I loved the way this story completely drew me into it, and in such a way I was shocked to see I was done with it, and I felt like it went by way too fast--probably because I was so into the story. Lori Wilde is a new fav author of mine, and I am really liking her books. Her style of writing is very compelling and even though contemporary isn't my favorite genre, Lori Wilde weaves a tender story of love and trust.

At sixeteen years old, Lace has been in love with Pierce Hollister. She leaves a letter to Cupid, but is shocked when it shows up in the school newspaper and ends up being the worst embarrassing moment of her life. It has taken her years to get over that incident, but there is a part of her that is still vulnerable toward Pierce. With being busy with her gardening business and helping her friends out. When Pierce comes back to Cupid after a leg injury that has put a pause on his football career. Pierce has worked so far to get to where he is, and now after playing in the Super Bowl only to get injured in front of millions of viewers, he has come to Cupid upon hearing of his father being seriously ill. When he comes across Lace, he is overwhelmed by her. He is instantly drawn to her, there is something so different about Lace, down to earth, witty and smart, and beyond sexy; there is one problem she keeps resisting him---which doesn't ever happen. Lace is confident that she can resist his charms, knowing it can only end up in pain, But she sees more to Pierce than a arrogant football player with women following him everywhere; she notices that there is much depth to him as a man she could come to love and admire.

Pierce at first seems to be the typical stereo type of a popular football player. As we see, Pierce wants more out of his life than fame and glory, and women pampering him everywhere. He wants something real and passionate. When he finds Lace, he feels that she is the one woman that he would settle down with. But he will have to prove himself first. I really liked Pierce, he is very confident (sometimes too much), full of a sexy earthy appeal, and fights for what he wants. Lace is smart--knows many floral terms that made my head spin, and I liked how she doesn't back down from Pierce, and doesn't give in to him easily. I found Lace to be a very likable heroine, she has goals in life, and could have a established career, but she also appreciates family and home---which I enjoyed seeing that aspect. I felt that she was balanced enough to suit me just fine. In fact I felt that I could relate to her in many ways.

I found All Out Of Love to be a fresh romance that will speed up your heart rate--who needs exercise right? There was quite a bit of a quirky sense of fun and playfulness. There was quite a bit of sexual tension and witty humor to keep you on a roll. A sweet and humor filled love story that captured my heart. It is the kind of story that you don't have to read the previous books, it can be read in order or as a stand alone. Its a pretty easy read and isn't hard to get into, and this author will have you wrapped around her little finger in no time. Definitely can't wait for the next one and I plan on reading more books from this author. ENCHANTINGLY MEMORABLE!!

First Line
Dear Cupid, I am crazy in love with my older brother's best friend, Pierce Hollister!

Favorite Quotes 
"So there's no chance you'd consider going out with me?"
She raised her head, drilled a hold straight through him with those amazing blue eyes of hers. "Not if you were the last man on earth."
"Lace Bettingfield," he said levelly, holding on to his calm against the barrage of endorphins lighting up his body. "I'm warning you right now."
"Warning me about what?"
"Don't issue me a challenge, woman."
"Why not?"
"Because I will surely take you up on it." He hitched his fingers through his belt loops, turned and walked away. 
"Oh yeah?" she hollered at his back. "What do you intend on doing about it? Kill every man on the face of the earth?"
A grin split across his face. Ha! A crack in her armor. He'd gotten to her. Pierce spun back around. "Sweetheart, that won't be necessary. You'll be begging me to take you to bed long before it comes to that."

My Grade 
5 Blossoms

Heat Rating 

Other Books In Series 
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