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Book Review-Megan's Mark

Megan's Mark
Breeds (7)
Lora Leigh
Berkley Sensation
295 Pages
Published May 2006
Shape Shifter Romance
ISBN 978-0-425-20964-6
In the first book of her erotic new series, Lora Leigh invites you to an intriguing world where genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them commingle--and sometimes cross the boundaries of desire...

Cursed with the extraordinary power to feel other peoples' emotions, Megan Fields has tucked herself away in a remote corner of New Mexico, working as a small-town sheriff', deputy. She finds solace in the silence and heat of the desert. But when Breeds begin dying on her watch, Megan realizes that the secrets from her past can't stay buried forever. Someone is out for blood--her blood.

An arrogant Feline Breed, Braden Arness broods with feral intensity. His mission to solve the mysterious murders brings him to Megan, a woman who accosts his senses like no other. Only with him can she let down her guard--and surrender to the insatiable hunger that wracks her body. But as they team up to hunt the elusive killers, Braden and Megan find themselves becoming the prey...

Megan Fields, has the ability to feel the emotions of those around her. So she isolates herself in a small remote area of New Mexico, where she can be near those that she has grown up near to. So when danger finds her, and some coyote breeds after her life, she is saved by Braden Arness, who is a lion breed. From the first moment that Braden sees Megan, he feels the most strongest feelings of desire he has ever experienced, and knows that she feels the same, and its only a matter of time before he claims her as his mate, if only he can convince her to surrender to the insatiable passion that they both strongly feel for one another....

The Hero (Braden Arness)
Braden, is a breed (a Lion) and is very powerful with his animal instincts, but has learned to control them over the years, as have many breeds have had to do. When Braden finds his mate, he is overcome with such intense need for her and her alone. Braden, is intent on making sure that they uncover the truth on who is trying to kill her and make sure they never are able to threaten her matter the cost.

The Heroine (Megan Fields)
Megan has suffered with her gift, or as she refers to it...a curse to be a empath and feel what everyone is feeling. Megan in her past had a hard time building up shields to protect her, and when she is around Braden, she doesn't need shields, she feels so safe whenever she is near him. But what Megan doesn't expect is the intense desire she starts to feel for Braden, and knows that her life will change forever...

My Thoughts
Megan's Mark is the seventh in the Breeds series by Lora Leigh. Megan's Mark is a powerful story of a woman who hates the gift that she has been given, and has never been able to learn to control it, and a danger that could threaten her and everyone in her life that she cares about, unless both Braden and Megan uncover the truth before its too late. I found Megan's Mark an insatiable read, full of steamy romance and thrilling excitement and so intriguing it will delight every one of your senses. Another winner from Lora Leigh!!

My Grade On This Book 
4 Blossoms

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