Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Book Review-Tender Triumph

Tender Triumph
Dianna Devlin
Diamond Publishing
Published Oct 1993
326 Pages
American West Romance
ISBN: 1-55773-953-6
Liza worked hard at the boardinghouse to keep her family together: That was more important than having fun...


A gambler on the road, Tanner called no place home --until fate brought the handsome wandering musician to Liza Martin's door...

He brought dancing and mischief to the Martin house... and sparked an unexpected and deeply felt passion in Liza. She believed firmly that home is where the heart is--though her heart ached when she left Tanner behind to follow her father west to the silver mines. But true desire, once awakened, can never be abandoned--and Tanner knew he could never let her go...

Liza, ever since their mother died, has had to make sure things ran smoothly at the boardinghouse that she and her family barely manage to keep together. Liza doesn't have time for fun or laughter anymore, because there is way too much to do. When Tanner enters her life, he brings to her joy, music, dancing, and happiness back into her life, as well as stirring a deep passion within her that he matches, and she knows she will never be the same. But then she ends up following her father to the silver mines to keep their family together as she promised her mother, no matter what happened to them, that they wouldn't be separated as their father desired. Through loss and triumph Liza and Tanner share a unbreakable bond that is forged through trial and hardship, but is strengthen through their love.

The Hero (Tanner Hale)
Tanner, having studied music in France, has a great passion for it and its a part of him. Music is his home, not really having one for a long time now....but upon finding Liza he finds he his drawn to her, that she fills his life and completes him and that she was what has been missing in his life and he will do everything he can to protect her.

The Heroine (Liza Martin)
Liza, ever since tragically losing her mother made a vow to always keep their family together. Liza and her family have built up a boardinghouse, and do all they can to ensure its upkeep, Liza only knows about hard work and has forgotten the joys to be had in life, joys to savor and revel in, when one needs it the most. When Tanner comes into her life she starts to realize what she was missing in her life, things that her whole family needed just as much as the air they breathed.

My Thoughts 
Tender Triumph is a single title, by Dianna Devlin, an author I hadn't heard of before even, and so when I saw the cover, I just knew I had to pick it up, and I am so glad that I did. I found it to be comfortable read that you could just relax in. A story of tender love and passion, that was portrayed in way that just pulled at the heartstrings of this reader. I fell in love from the first line I think...I just grew to admire both Tanner and Liza, who have had their shares of hardship and needed the strength of passion and love they found in each other. I found myself not wanting the story to end but when it did I felt content with it. A truly wonderful romance that will just make you feel like your falling in love for the first time!

My Grade On The Book 
4.5 Blossoms

My Favorite Quote 
" I love you, Liza. You are the music. The music I hear, the music I play" 


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