Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review-Shielder

Shielder Series (1)
Catherine Spangler
Love Spell,
357 Pages,
Published April 1999
Futuristic Romance


Unjustly shunned by her people, Nessa dan Ranul knows she is unlovable-but when an opportunity arises for her to save her world, she leaps at the chance, disregarding her own life. Setting out for the farthest reaches of the galaxy, she has one goal: to elude capture and deliver her race from destruction. But then she finds herself at the questionable mercy of Chase McKnight, a handsome bounty hunter. Suddenly, Nessa finds that escape is the last thing she wants. In Chase's passionate embrace she finds a nirvana of which she never dared dream-with a man she never dared trust. But as her identity remains a secret and her mission incomplete, each passing day brings her nearer to oblivion. Nessa knows the truth can save her, but can she risk trusting her heart?

My Review:
It starts out with Nessa, who has always felt less worthy in the eyes of her parents and the rest of the colony. Apart from her brother Jarek, whom she loves dearly she feels like a prisoner. She aches to get out there, and experience new things and make a difference. She volunteers for a mission where she would be injected with the Orana Virus. Where she could serve a purpose for her people and colony, even if it means her death. She wants to be remembered and do something her colony and her parents would be proud of. Jarek protests of course, since he is the only one that truly cares about her; but she goes ahead with it. This is a vital mission, since this virus has infected many, and they must test it so they can find a vaccine. She is put on a ship headed for Sonoma. On the way however, her ship very old gives out, and she is adrift in space.
Chase McKnight, is a controller who has rights in this part of space, and takes her on to his. Also along with her beloved pet, Turi. Who has been a friend to her when she had very few. Chase beams her on board of his ship, very reluctantly and is willing to take her to Sonoma but tells her it will take a week, and she has a month to get there, or she will die with no purpose. Chase is a bounty hunter of Shielders(which is what Nessa is and she knows that she has to withhold it from him. Therefore their journey begins, and as their relationship deepens and their feelings develop; but Chase is denying it to himself. They both know that there is no way for them to fall in love. But one thing happens after another, and they find it helpless to resist against each other and their tender feelings for one another.

This is the first book that I have read from Catherine Spangler, and I absolutely loved this story. It is filled with passion, adventure, mystery, wit and suspense. The humor in this book, is the best, I was laughing all through the book. I found Nessa to be driven young woman, to do anything to reach Sonoma, and her attempts to run away from Chase thoroughly amused me. I was always asking myself Now what is she going to end up doing next? She never ceases to amaze me, I have to say I was never bored while reading this one. Although there were moments that I got confused, for the most part it was a astounding read, that I thoroughly enjoyed!

My Grade For This Book
4 Blossoms

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  1. I have this book in my To Read pile and it has been there for quite some time. I am always a little apprehensive of futuristic romances. To tell you the truth I am not even sure why. Your review makes me want to find my copy and read it. Finding it might be quite a challenge though. Its in a box (among dozens) scattered from the attic to the basement. LOL.



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