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Book Review- Single White Vampire

Single White Vampire
 Argeneau Series (3)
Lynsay Sands
369 Pages,
Published Dec 2008

The Family Argenau
SWM--"Lucern." Successful biographer of family, books recently categorized as "paranormal romances." Something of a recluse. Hates crowds, aggressive women. Doesn't like sunbathing, garlicky dinners or religious symbols. Likes old-fashioned values; spicy Mexican dishes; warm, nice-smelling necks; and plump red lips. Stronger than ten men and can vanish in the blink of an eye. Currently unaware he's seeking a woman to share eternity.

SWF--"Kate C. Leever." Newest editor of Romance at Roundhouse Publishing. Perky, fun. Has recently discovered a legacy author just dying to be broken out. In fact, her career could take off from it. (The tall, dark, handsome writer just needs to be taken to several romance conventions and introduced to his fans . . . and stopped from acting so strange in public.) Dislikes "difficult, rude, obnoxious, pig-headed writers." Currently unaware she's met the man of her wildest dreams.

My Review:
Mr. Lucern Argeneau is a surly stubborn vampire. He is a famous author of romance novels (who would ever guess that from Luc) but he ignores his mail, phone call and emails. His own family have to come to his house to even keep in contact with him. He is a anti social creature, whose favorite word is "No". He has no intention of being publicized, although his editor insists. She arrives at his home and camps there until she can convince him to do a interview, or a book tour.
Kate Leever is a talented, and beautiful young woman. She knows that she has to convince this surly author to do something for publicity; especially since her job is on the line. So she heads to his home, and stubbornly refuses to leave. She badgers and attempts to convince him that it would be in his best interest. Of Course his most popular word with her is "No". She has never met a man with so few vocabulary as Luc.  Luc's mother, Marguerite is a interfering mother when it comes to her children, especially trying to get them married off. She convinces Luc to bring Kate as his date to Etienne's Wedding. Events occur whereby Lucern is tricked into attending the RT Convention with hundreds of fans. When he finds out what he has agreed to, he is furious with mother especially. But she reminds him that he gave his word that he would attend, so he does albeit reluctantly.

Now I absolutely loved this book, I was laughing the whole way through. If you can just imagine a handsome, alpha male and very surly attending the Romantic Times Convention; someone who hates to converse too much and his favorite word is ""no" well its a disaster waiting to happen. Which is exactly what I was thinking, but as it turned out; Lucern managed it pretty well once he learned how to converse with people and realize how important it is to keep up with his fans. The journey from him saying a few words to have whole conversations however is a riot!! I wouldn't have wanted to miss reading out on this one; so if you need a good laugh; just pick up this book and you will never regret it. Of course there were other things I enjoyed about it as well. I loved Kate; she is such a enticing character that really just makes you fall in love with her instantly. She is such a warm and lovable character. At first I was thinking there are no two more people more opposite from one another, I have no idea how they will work things out but as it turned out they ended up being complimenting one another and really just perfect for one another. Because opposites do attract, and in my opinion is one of the best ingredients for a romantic relationship; especially regarding this one. It was filled with passion, witty humor, and characters that will draw you into the story, and make you want to read more.

My Grade For This Book
5 Blossoms

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