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Tasty Tour and Book Review-Back In The Game by Lori Wilde

Title: Back In The Game 
Author: Lori Wilde 
Series: Stardust Texas 
Release Date: February 24 2015 
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New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde welcomes you to Stardust, Texas . . . where dreams come true and love is always right around the corner

Wanted: ghostwriter. Must be female, a baseball fan, and have a great pair of legs.

Ex-pitcher Rowdy Blanton never saw a woman he couldn't conquer or a team he couldn't beat. And now that he's off the field he's ready to tell all about when he played the field. So he chooses Breeanne Carlyle to do the job—she's got the requirements, but more important, there's something about her that makes him want to be a better man.

Convinced there's more to Rowdy than a good fastball, a wicked smile, and a tight pair of pants, Breeanne can't help but be tempted. After all, it's boring always being the good girl, and Rowdy dares her to be just a little bad. The stakes are high, but win or lose, this time Breeanne's breaking all the rules playing the game of love.

My Review

Rowdy Blanton, a pitcher and has played in the big leagues for years, but now he has just been put off the field, and there are secrets he means to let the world know of, and there is one woman he would have write it, Breeanne Carlyle. Breeanne has had a crush on Rowdy since she was a teenager, and he was kind to her when she was sick, now she is twenty five, and she is trying to get her writing career to sky rocket, but when she comes across Rowdy and an opportunity to work with him, a dream come true but she also learns that Rowdy is more than a playboy and a love for the game, he has depth and honor. Breeanne is more than tempted to give into Rowdy charismatic smile and his carefree attitude, but all she sees is heartache in her future, but will Rowdy and Breeanne find a future when they doubt themselves….

Well Lori Wilde packs a wild punch in Back In The Game. This was just a fantastic romance, and I just adored this story. I was a little nervous to see how she would do with a sports theme, because she has always done westerns, but this one won my heart instantly. I would say it’s by far my top favorite sport romance themed stories…and I don’t even really know why. We obviously don’t see much of the sport, but I loved seeing a playboy really have to work hard to get Breeanne. Rowdy is quite the womanizer at times, he loves women, and on the surface he seems like the typical sports playboy, who looks sexy in his tight pants, but we see how as the story progresses, that there is much more to Rowdy than meets the eye, and he will surprise you and he can be such a bad boy at times….but what a temptation.

 Breanne is a great heroine, I loved her so much. Breeanne has been sick most of her life, and now she is just able to spread her wings, and find herself, and hasn’t ever dated anyone or really kissed someone or even got to second base let alone third base., and Rowdy is more than willing to be her teacher, but Breeanne will teach him a few things. What I liked about her….so many things, but my favorite aspect of her character was how easy she is to relate with, I could see myself being friends with this classy lady. She is a bit of bookworm (like me ), but she is tenacious, loyal, and honest. She is true to herself and is very genuine in everything she does. Even though she knows she is going down a road to heartache, she wants to live life and Rowdy and Breeanne have crazy adventures, and they have sexy hot chemistry, but we also see quite a bit of depth in their relationship that goes beyond the physical. They do have some rocky mountains that test their feelings for each other, but I found this pair can handle anything. Their love story is powerful and poignant…a romance that is bound to bring a tear to your eye and charm your heart….HEARTWARMING!!!

My Rating

5 Blossoms

Author Bio

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lori Wilde has sold seventy-eight works of
fiction to four major New York Publishing houses.
Her first NYT bestseller, the third book in her Twilight, Texas series, The First Love Cookie Club has been optioned for a television movie. The town of Granbury, Texas, upon which her fictional town of Twilight, Texas is loosely based, honors Lori with an annual Twilight, Texas weekend each Christmas.
A popular writing instructor, Lori is a two time RITA finalist and has four times been nominated for Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award. She's won the Colorado Award of Excellence, the Wisconsin Write Touch Award, The Golden Quill, the Lories, and The More than Magic.

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