Saturday, February 7, 2015

On My Wishlist (105)

On My Wishlist is a fun weekly event hosted by Book Chick City and runs every Saturday. It's where I list all the books I desperately want but haven't actually bought yet. They can be old, new or forthcoming.

Ian Sutherland should have hanged for his treason against the British Crown, along with his brother and the other Scottish freedom fighters. But he was spared, only to be shipped to Maryland and sold as an indentured servant—a fate worse than the death he'd expected. Ian has sworn nothing will stop him from escaping and returning to Scotland to salvage what's left of his clan, until his master's sudden death leaves a young widow, Fancy Marsh, alone to care for her family—and to keep her cruel, covetous brother-in-law from taking what's rightfully hers. Honor compels Ian to help Fancy, and love, stronger than a bondsman's chains, binds their souls. Yet Robert Marsh will not relinquish his claim on Fancy without a struggle, and Ian finds he is forced to fight again—for his love...and his life.

Is it possible? The breathtaking Lady Annabelle has actually agreed to marry, sight unseen, a ton is aghast! After scandalously toying with so many hearts, why is the exquisite Annabelle chaining herself to the new Viscount Pelham, a complete -- albeit most attractive -- stranger? Could it be that her own heart has been irreparably shattered, and she wants nothing more to do with romance?
gentleman of her father's choosing -- the self-proclaimed "exceptionally average" Miles Croft. The
Yet there is certainly nothing "average" about their wedding night! There is magic in Miles's touch, and the smoldering ecstasy it ignites threatens to consume them both. Dare Annabelle dream this is the one passionate and enduring love she ached for in secret, but never dreamed she'd be worthy of? Might this tender, mysterious lover truly be the scarlet lady's redemption -- and could she be Miles's as well?

New in the award-winning series of futuristic romance, fantasy, and sensual adventure.

Helena, a renowned cartographer, is exploring Celta when she finds out she has a HeartMate. Yearning for a partner, she is drawn to meet him.

Actor Raz Cherry is dedicated to his career. Uninterested in long-term commitments, he ignores an oracle that foretells of his HeartMate.

Though passion ignites, their lifestyles clash. Only when mysterious thefts threaten their families can they overcome the obstacles on their journey to love.

If you want to score, you have to get in the game...

The last thing Jenna Riley needs is more sports in her life. While her brothers are off being athletic superstars, she's stuck running the family's sports bar, whether she likes it or not. Then in walks pro hockey stud Tyler Anderson. As much as Jenna would like to go to the boards with him, she's vowed to never fall for a jock-even one as hot as Ty.

Ty, intrigued by the beautiful bar owner, becomes a regular. He senses that Jenna wants to do something more with her life. And as he gains her trust, the passion between them grows, as does Ty's insistence that Jenna should start living for herself. With his encouragement, Jenna starts to believe it, too...

But first, Jenna has to figure out what she wants, what she needs, who she loves, and if she has the passion and pride to take a shot at having it all-including Ty..

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