Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (57) Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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Top Ten Book (romance) Related Problems I Have (couldn't come up with ten)

1. Self Publishing-Now I still read books that are self published, but I just love publishing houses and they can work out kinks that authors themselves don't always see. Also I love using bookstores like Barnes and Noble and a couple others to get my books. And most of the time with self publishing I can't get access to it. (Not a fan of reading books on my phone). I like it when a book has been carefully and tastefully done. I have had some experiences with self published book that weren't positive, like basic grammar and spellchecking that can ruin a story for you.

2. E books vs. Paperback-I love the paper feel to book, the smells and the whole experience of reading a actual book. The look and touch is part of it, and E books have taken that away. Although there are things like open library, that at least give the look of paper books. And I do love reading E Books because they are easier to carry around especially when your traveling. But I do miss the time of Hardbacks and Paperbacks were the main source of reading.

3. Characters-Especially heroines, but I do see it in the heroes. I love a strong character, that feel human. One issue I have is the gorgeous males and females that are portrayed in books...but they seem so perfect and I just don't relate with that in any way. I am human with imperfections--although I do think I am fairly pretty, but I am not gorgeous with the hottest body ever. I love it when authors make the characters seem like real, the type of person you could be best friends with.

4. How Soft the stories seem--Now don't get me wrong, I do like a story  that is light and good feel to it. I am sometimes in the mood for that. But when I started reading fiction--especially romance, the stories I read were fun and flirty, but they were hard and angsty at times. I miss that especially in historical romance. So many authors center their books on regency romance, but I miss the variety of settings, and the way the love story wasn't easy. It took some difficult choices to make a relationship happen. It made it a much more satisfying read.

5. What Fifty Shades has to do mainstream fiction- I love those books, but they have started a trend that is becoming shown in mainstream fiction and romance. I like a book with plenty of steam and sexy feel to it. I love seeing a couple come together intimately. But the whole BDSM is something I really have to be in the mood for. And most of the time I am just looking for some fun vanilla. Call me old fashioned and what not, but I sometimes go into a mainstream romance novel, and they deal with chains and whips and belts....oh boy....not what I am looking for at all. If I want that stuff I know exactly where to find it. I know many would disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion.

6. Loss of Libraries and Bookstores-As with the evolution of E reading, we see that Bookstores and Libraries are going "out of style" This is sad for me.  One Of my favorite past times is to take a book to B&N or Borders, get a latte or a fruity iced tea, and sitting down with a good book. Coffee and Books are such a wonderful mix, and I hate that its slowly going away. I like the social atmosphere as well. I love supporting libraries, and they offer so much for us. A quiet place to read or study. A Place to access books without spending lots of money.

7. Copyright Problems--As many of you have noticed there is issues dealing with the publishing houses and online stores such as Amazon. I do hope soon we can establish a system that works for everyone, for both online book stores, and publishing houses. Where we don't deal with the whole lawsuits and courts.

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