Monday, February 9, 2015

Quote Tastic (34) Who Need Rescuing

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My Candidate For The Week

“I am the one who needs rescuing. Save me … Save me from going back to being the man I was before I came here. Save me from all the years of loneliness I’ll have to endure without you in my arms. Save me from spending the rest of my life longing for a woman I can never have.” 
I have need of you. That bold confession made Anne wonder what it would be like to be truly needed by such a man. To hear those same words whispered in her ear in the dark of night in a lover’s hoarse tones.
The music ceased abruptly, almost as if spectral hands had slammed the lid of the music box. He stood there for a long time but there was no repeat performance, no sound at all except for the muted roar of the wind and the distant crash of the waves against the rocks. A mocking smile tugged at one corner of Max’s mouth. “I’ve been haunted by the best,” he murmured. “If you want to be rid of me, sweetheart, you’ll have to do better than that.”

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