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Book Review-Eternal Prey

Eternal Prey
Gods Of The Night (3)
Nina Bangs
Published Jan 2011
370 Pages
Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-0-06-201895-3
The souls of ancient predators crouch within the Eleven. Primal instincts and barely contained savagery drive them. But in a modern world threatened with chaos and darkness, they are…
Gods of the Night.

Utah knows all about vengeance. Vampires killed his brother, and that act demands only one response. He frees his beast and destroys every bloodsucker he finds. But he never expected to meet a leader of his immortal enemies who was so beautiful, bewitching…and mortal.

Lia understands her destiny. She has a duty to stop the rogue vampires who are intent on wiping out the human race along with any nonhumans that get in their way. But she needs help dealing with the shadowy power guiding the escalating slaughter. Utah would be her last choice for a partner. Once a deadly foe, he now becomes her ally and protector. Loving him will be more dangerous than anything she’s ever done. Because when Utah releases his soul, the ultimate predator will once again stalk the earth, and death will walk with him.


Utah, a creature of the night, is determined to have vengence for his brother, and refuses to let it go until every vampire is gone from the world. Utah is part of the Eleven, and the only ones that stand a chance at saving the world from the evil that surrounds them. Then Utah has to start working with a leader of the vampires...a enticing and beautiful and very mortal woman, Lia. Lia, has never felt love or acceptance from her mother who was a leader of her clan of vampires...but now she is dead and Lia knows that she is next in line and that she will become a vampire, even though her father is against it, she knows its something she has been preparing herself for all of her life. Then she has to start working with Utah, who is dangerous and literally a beast lives inside of him, yet there are stirrings of desire for him, and as they work together to bring down one of the immortals and save their lives, a powerful love forms between the two, they will fight to keep each other...

The Hero 
Utah, is a creature, a very dangerous raptor, as are the other of the eleven, having just recently entered into this much different world than where he came from, but doesn't remember apart from bits and pieces. Utah is filled with a vengence and thirst for revenge after losing his brother, and is determined to do all in his power to make sure every vampire in this world is extinguished, until he meets Lia, who captivates his heart, body and soul...who plans on becoming the very thing he despises more than anything.....

The Heroine 
Lia, only felt love from her father, her mother was a powerful vampire, but very viscious with no love capability, and no matter how hard she tried to prove herself, she always came up short in her mothers eyes, and never could get her mother to love her, and now stays clear of ever falling in love, but what Lia never expected was to come to care for Utah, a powerful creature of the night, but knows that she could definitely fall madly in love with him.....

My Thoughts 
This is the first that I have read from this author, I had heard good things about this series, and I just love the cover and the blurb really intrigued me when I saw it at the shelf at the library, so I decided to try it out. I definitely have no regrets, it was a enticing read... Eternal Prey is the third installment in the Gods Of The Night series, and I even though there were a couple parts I was a little confused at first, I was able to catch up fast, (although I definitely feel a powerful need to read the previous two books), from the first chapter I was captivated, especially by these specially woven characters, that stole their way into my heart. I just loved all of the Eleven, and what a special bond they all have with each other. I love the intrigue and danger that surrounded the plot, and most especially the powerful passion between Utah and Lia, that will just draw you in, Nina Bangs with take you on a thrilling ride of adventure, danger, passion, and intrigue.  A POWERFUL READ!!!

My Grade On This Book 
4.5 Blossoms

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